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Products to restore the beauty of wooden flooring

29/04/2015 12:59:52:
It is a fact of life that, other time, wooden surfaces and furnishings will become stained, dirtied ...

Supreme products to maintain your stone surfaces

28/04/2015 13:50:16:
Stone flooring offers elegance and natural beauty. It is not uncommon, however, for people to have m...

Osmo wood wax finishes provide stunning results

27/04/2015 13:30:25:
We supply a huge range of products dedicated to decorating and finishing woodwork. Amongst our range...

Caring for wooden floors

22/04/2015 14:20:25:
Wooden floors look beautiful and add character to a property, but they do require a little extra car...

Protecting your structural timber

21/04/2015 14:02:09:
Exposed structural timbers can look beautiful both inside and outside of a property. Interior ones w...

Wood Fillers

Wood Fillers