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Effective exterior wood protection solutions

28/05/2015 12:37:56:
Wood is one of the oldest building materials used for construction. It is an entirely renewable reso...

Supplying the best hard wax oil brands

27/05/2015 13:42:27:
Hard wax oil is a great choice for treating timber flooring. It stands out from other products becau...

The purposes of varnishing wood

26/05/2015 14:26:09:
It is very rare to use completely raw wood in items such as furniture and fittings. Instead, wood is...

Application tips for using hard wax oil

21/05/2015 11:21:41:
When it comes to protecting wooden flooring, kitchen worktops, and other timbers in your home that a...

Maintain wooden furniture with French polishing

19/05/2015 16:04:03:
French polishing is a great way of finishing a wide range of furniture and wooden features. The proc...

Wood Fillers

Wood Fillers