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Easter Bank Holiday Delivery times

23/03/2016 15:02:25:
Any orders placed on 24/3 for Next Day Delivery will be delivered the Tuesday after Bank Holiday Mon...

Why use wire wool to apply wax polish?

23/11/2015 19:44:48:
By applying wax polish with a fine grade steel wool such as 0000 guage, the wire wool helps the wood...

Looking after wooden doors in your property

28/08/2015 11:09:41:
Timber doors are a great choice for all kinds of internal settings and can dramatically enhance the ...

Getting wood ready for winter

26/08/2015 11:48:55:
As the summer days slowly come to an end, the time has come to think about how we're going to protec...

Treat your wood right and it will last you a lifetime

24/08/2015 16:12:17:
Wooden exterior furniture is popular due to the material's natural beauty and unrivalled strength an...

Fiddes White Polish

Sand the wood in stages, working with the grain where possible. Start with a medium grade sandpaper (120 grit), and finish with a medium grit (180 - 220 grit)
Ensure all areas to be coated are free from grease and blemishes prior to application.
Fiddes Shellac polishes are ideal suited for application on top of Fiddes complete range of wood stains and dyes.

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