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Care and cleaning for hardwood flooring

29/06/2015 11:10:27:
Whereas for many years carpets were seen as the natural choice for UK homes, these days more and mor...

Heavy duty wood finishes from Rystix

25/06/2015 10:42:37:
We stock and sell a wide range of products designed for taking care of your wood, covering everythin...

Tips for a perfect varnish application

23/06/2015 10:32:57:
When you apply several coats of varnish to interior wood floors, you can enhance its natural colour ...

Safeguard your home from woodworm

15/06/2015 16:04:18:
Woodworm is not a specific species, but rather the larvae of various different species of wood-borin...

Extend the life of your wooden floors

10/06/2015 14:55:33:
Once a wooden floor has been laid, it is naturally exposed to a great deal of pressure and traffic f...

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