Caring for wooden furniture

Posted by   Adam Downey
27 Feb 2017

Wooden furniture is timeless and looks great in any home. However, wooden items do require a bit of maintenance and care if you wish to keep them in the best condition. We are one of the leading providers of quality woodcare products in the country and we know everything there is to know about wooden furniture care. For those seeking assistance with their wooden items, look no further. Here are our most useful tips for lengthening the life of your furniture.

- Clean your furniture regularly. You can either use a soft clean cloth on its own or apply a small amount of wax polish, Briwax spray wax for example. Do not clean with water, water on a waxed surface will leave water marks. any water marks / stains can be easily removed with a fresh coat of wax..

- Following a good clean, it's important to make sure that you wax the wood to help it retain its shine. Follow the instructions on the label and apply a thin coating of wax to the wood, buffing lightly with a cloth. Around half an hour to an hour later, buff once again with more force to really bring out the shine.

- Make sure to place the furniture correctly in the room. Wood that is placed in direct sunlight can end up fading, cracking or drying out. If possible, locate your furniture away from windows so it is not in direct sunlight. In most cases, window sills are made from wood. It's important to regularly polish and wax them to prevent them from drying out. Also, try to place your wooden furniture away from vents or heating units to avoid drying and cracking.

- If your furniture has a small scratch, or ring marks (common problem with hot cups etc) you don't need to completely re-finish the entire thing. There are some superb products available that can resolve these problems by using scratch covers, retouch crayons or specialised ring removers is the most cost-effective way to eradicate any issues and revive the wood.

We were established as a family business 1996 having served in the wood finishing industry for the previous 12 years with the intentions of providing the best woodcare products from around the world to clients the UK. Over the years we have introduced many of the industry's most innovative products to this country's market, all at competive prices. If you would like to know more about caring for your wooden products or any of our services, please get in touch with our team.


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