Defending wood from damage and deterioration

Posted by   Adam Downey
27 Feb 2017

Wood offers great strength, durability and flexibility. It has a natural beauty which can be easily enhanced with varnishing and polishing. Wood can move with the wind and absorb earth tremors. It can be harvested and modelled with simple tools and, being a renewable resource, it is an extremely green building material. However, wood is of course not invulnerable, and requires sufficient protection to ensure a long lifespan.

The problem with unprotected and untreated timber is that lengthy exposure to the elements will result in deterioration and damage. If repeated water penetration raises the moisture content above a critical level the timber becomes vulnerable to attack from fungi and moulds. The surface of the wood will suffer cracking as a result of the moisture change, and the original colour will dissipate, leaving a grey and unsightly appearance. Exterior wooden structures such as windows and doors will swell and struggle to function properly. The major benefit of exterior specialist wood coatings is effective prevention of these issues, and we offer a complete range of high quality preventative products.

Our selection of specialist wood coatings offers all manner of benefits, including resistance to fungal and insect attack, rain water, UV rays and extreme sunlight at the same time presenting and maintaining a decorative finish. We offer a range of decking sealer's and cleaners that ensure a tread fast surface and can be applied to any exterior wood surface. Our wood paints offer protection along with a choice of fresh and vibrant colours. Our wood oils are suitable for old and new wood and provide nourishment and a waterproof finish. Our wood stains give your exterior joinery a clear or stained gloss or satin finish and our environmentally friendly products are free from odour and offer superior results.

We also offer a range of preservatives that deeply penetrate your exterior wood and are suitable for use on old, new and interior and exterior timber. Our complete range of products is designed to meet every need, and we are happy to offer our customers full advice regarding every product so we can advise you fully on the best products for you.

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