Impra's range of eco-friendly wood finishes

Posted by   Adam Downey
27 Feb 2017

We take pride in providing outstanding woodcare products for our customers to help them protect wooden surfaces against damage and give it a beautiful look. There are a wide variety of products that you can purchase to finish wood externally, but if you want to ensure you are minimising your impact on the environment, it's a great idea to use Impra products, which are formulated to be as eco friendly as possible.

We have four different Impra products which can be used to finish external wood. Profilan is an acrylic resin-based product that offers excellent weather resistance and durability. It is used in a number of products created by Impra, including paints and wood stains. The products are recipients of the Blue Angel Seal, a German certification that states the receiving products are environmentally friendly. This seal, combined with its superior level of weather protection, makes our range of Impra products highly sought after.

Impra Profilan Opac is a satin finish, water based paint that covers materials well and offers excellent resistance to inclement weather. Quick drying and odourless, it is excellent for use on wooden fences and other exterior surfaces. Impra Profilan Secur is a primer that is brush applied, which is used to combat bleeding from water-soluble tannins. An application of Secur helps the paint remain its true colour without becoming stained or otherwise discoloured. Impra Profilan Top Coat is a water based top coat used to provide exterior woods with excellent protection and moisture regulation. Impra Profilan Fina Base Coat is a base coat/primer that offers a matt finish and enhances the natural beauty of the wood.

These products contain no biocides, meaning that they are completely environmentally friendly. They are excellent, cost-effective products that help to boost the beauty of your wood whilst also protecting it from the environment and changing weather conditions. Our team have been supplying top quality professional exterior woodcare products and finishes since 1996, so you can be assured that we supply only the best possible products that are currently available on the market.


I checked on the Blue Angel website on 24 July 2017 and these products were not listed in their database of certified products.
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