Reviving old and tired furniture

Posted by   Adam Downey
27 Feb 2017

When you have wooden furniture, it is incredibly important for you to maintain it well. Over time, wood can become dull and tired, it may get scratched or dented and it certainly won't look its very best. With some care, some time and the application of the right products, you can restore your wooden furniture and flooring back to the aesthetic that it had when you first purchased it. We have an extensive selection of floor coating products, wood treatments and other high quality products specifically designed to help you revive wooden furniture that is looking past its best.

We have numerous products in stock for woodcare, whether it's to remove scratches or as a means of restoring dull and tarnished wood. We have two distinct products used to revive wood: our burnishing cream is used clean, revive and rejuvenate wood which has dulled over the years. It removes haze and bloom, as well as water marks, and works on lacquers, varnishes and French polish. Useful for both antique and modern furniture, it's extremely effective at providing a full solution for the restoration of furniture. Ring remover is also effective for cleaning stained wood. White water marks and heat marks are all cleaned away, shining the wood and removing the stains from it for a superior finish. It is safe to use on teak and suitable for use on varnish, lacquer and French polish.

When it comes to covering up scratches and dents, we have several products that can do so efficiently. Liberon Retouch Crayons come in a number of different finishes for a variety of woods and are easy to use, effectively covering scratches and dents. They can be used to fill in nail holes and worm holes as well. Liberon Shellac Filler Sticks are used for filling in holes and cracks on finished wood, performing a quick repair. Touch up pens are simply applied to small blemishes and scratches on wood to hide them. We also stock Liberon Rottenstone, a fine abrasive which can be used to produce an aged look on furniture and can also help cut back French polish finishes.

When you're looking for woodcare products and floor coating products that will breathe new life back into your furniture, we can provide everything you need. Whatever furniture you have and whatever wood it is constructed from, you will find products that will help to return its beauty and provide you with furniture that looks truly magnificent.

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