Why use wire wool to apply wax polish?

Posted by   Adam Downey
27 Feb 2017

Why use wire wool to apply wax polish? Apply wax polish with a fine grade wire wool, 0000 guage is the finest, the wire wool helps the wood to absorb the wax polish evenly thereby feeding it at the same time as creating a protective surface barrier. The wire wool will also helps remove hairline scratches caused by dusting and general day to day wear and tear marks.

Ensure the surface to be waxed is clean, if in doubt clean throughly with Liberon Wax & Polish Remover. This is particularly important where there is excess wax or the previous wax is unknown: e g in the case of newly acquared furniture.
Apply the wax polish sparingly, avoid excess application of wax applying an even spread of polish, remember less is best working with the grain of the wood for maximum penetration. For best results, apply with 0000 gauge wire wool, made specially for use on fine surfaces.
Leave the polish to dry for at least 15 minutes, if possible leave for several hours or overnight, this ensures total solvent evaporation and deepest wax penetration as well as giving the best shine and protection.
If the wax is buffed to soon after application, and solvent is still present the wax will move giving an uneven finish. This creates a patchy shine and the finish will be easily marked on areas of excess wax.

Buff with a brush or clean cotton cloth or both, using the brush first.
The amount of wax needed varies with the condition of the wood to be polished. New or stripped/bare wood takes more wax than sealed wood. Apply in thin coats, rather than one thick coat. It is easier to apply another coat than to remove an excess of wax.
Maintenance of properly waxed wood should not be re-waxed more than two or three times year unless subject to heavy use.

To maintain a fine finish, dust regularly with a slightly damp cloth to absorb dust. Do not use sprays. If surface becomes dull, brush or buff vigorously. If buffing fails to produce a satisfactory result, it is time to apply a new coat of wax.

Our product selection holds everything you need for the comprehensive care of wood and we can advise you on the best products for your requirements. Call us or browse our website and we will be happy to help with all your woodcare needs..


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