Floor Maintenance

Wood floors are often exposed to great stresses and strains once laid, therefore they require ongoing extra protection.

This protection should not disturb or change the natural appearance of the woods surface or its characteristics.

Good maintenance is the key to keeping your floor looking great all the time, and the use of the correct maintenance products is essential, a well maintained wooden floor will get better and better with age.

We have a selection of wood floor care products from Osmo, Blanchon, Junckers, Woca and Liberon all manufacture wood floor coatings and have done so for over 100 years so they know what's best for your floor.

Now the ladies in our lives can relate better to this bit, you use hand creams because your hand being in water tend the dry out and become sore, the natural oils in your skin is washed out so you replaced it with hand cream, its the same principle when cleaning a wood floor, every time you wash/clean the floor you also remove some of the oils, so using the manufacturers recommended cleaners replace these oils at the same, Blanchon Natural Soap, Osmo Wash & Care, Junckers Silva Cleaner, Woca Natural Soap

Please don't under estimate the importance of good floor maintenance. Wood Floors are easy to maintain but requires the right maintenance products to keep in tip top condition. You must understand that to keep an oiled or lacquered floor in tip top condition it must be maintained with the correct products. You may think (wrongly) that an ordinary detergent will do the job, such thinking is completely out of the question for oiled floors.

It is also a requirement to apply a Maintenance Coat of oil, this can be every 6 or 12 months or even longer. depending on the use your floor receives.

For further information on floor care see our guides in the blog tab at the top of this page.

Woca Maintenance Oil
From: £13.33
(£16.00 inc VAT)
Woca Natural Soap
From: £10.66
(£12.79 inc VAT)
Blanchon Maintenance Oil
From: £17.15
(£20.58 inc VAT)
Woca Wood Cleaner
From: £13.33
(£16.00 inc VAT)
Osmo Maintenance Oil
From: £20.59
(£24.71 inc VAT)
Osmo Wash and Care
From: £10.73
(£12.88 inc VAT)
Blanchon Lagoon Cleaner
From: £6.99
(£8.39 inc VAT)
Liberon Floor Sealer
From: £10.47
(£12.56 inc VAT)
Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner
From: £10.35
(£12.42 inc VAT)
Junckers Sylva Cleaner
From: £12.26
(£14.71 inc VAT)
Woca Soap Spray 750ml
From: £7.99
(£9.59 inc VAT)
Blanchon Universal Maintenance Oil
From: £13.68
(£16.42 inc VAT)
Woca Maintenance Box
From: £38.66
(£46.39 inc VAT)
Liberon Wood Floor Reviver
From: £7.16
(£8.59 inc VAT)
Woca Intensive Cleaner Spray 0.75L
From: £7.33
(£8.80 inc VAT)
Woca Maintenance Paste
From: £16.66
(£19.99 inc VAT)
Junckers Sylva Polish, 1L
From: £12.45
(£14.94 inc VAT)
Osmo Maintenance Kit
From: £23.44
(£28.13 inc VAT)
Junckers Sylva Strip, 1L
From: £14.72
(£17.66 inc VAT)
Junckers Top Oil
From: £25.36
(£30.43 inc VAT)
Liberon Floor Cleaner
From: £9.86
(£11.83 inc VAT)
Blanchon Protector
From: £11.65
(£13.98 inc VAT)
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