In this section we list all the tools and accessories you will need to use the products on this site. Available are wax polishing brushes for hand held application to drill polishing brushes for attachment to powered hand drills, paint brushes, french polishing mops, rags, cloths and cabinet maker’s aprons etc.

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Buying quality brushes is a no brainer if you want them to last for more than a few applications.
These professional synthetic brushes are designed with this in mind, ensuring that they will offer superb results time after time.

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This Quality Floor Brush is an ideal tool for applying floor finishes such as the Polyx Oil when covering large areas.

Also ideal for use on large decking areas!

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A wax polishing brush designed for use with an electric drill for buffing larger waxed surface areas such as doors and panels.

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These bristle brushes are specially designed for polishing waxes and give a higher gloss and harder coating than buffing with a cloth.

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Bristled brush specially designed for polishing waxes to give a higher sheen than buffing with a cloth.

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Liberon Bronze Liming Brush is made from long lasting bronze bristles, which make it ideal for opening the grain of hard wood before liming.

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Chestnut Small Round Brush for easy application of waxes, pastes etc. in intricate places.

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Bag of white cotton rags. No zips or buttons. Low cost solution to apply almost anything.

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Stockinette Roll is a large 800gm pack of very absorbent cloth roll used to apply wax polishes, water based and spirit based stains etc, also ideal for buffing up the wax.

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  • Powder-free design eliminates the need for messy powder and promotes cleanliness
  • Food-safe gloves suitable for handling food items, ensuring safety and hygiene
  • Latex-free construction reduces the risk of allergic reactions and sensitivities
  • Non-sterile gloves designed for single-use applications, promoting hygiene and preventing cross-contamination
  • Ambidextrous design for convenience and flexibility
  • Finger textured surface enhances grip and control, even in wet or oily conditions
  • Each box contains 100 pairs of gloves, providing ample supply for various tasks
  • 10 boxes per carton, offering a bulk option for larger quantities
  • Versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications, from food service to healthcare
  • Reliable quality with excellent strength and durability

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7000 series Reusable Half mask offering minimum maintenance and maximum protection. Medium size fits most faces.

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Particulate Filter Pads 8070, conforms with EN143.

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Particulate Filter Holder - Clips onto filter cartridge and holds 8010 particulate filter pads

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3M™ 101E Masking Tape for general purpose use. Perfect as decorators masking tape. A multi-purpose tape available in 50 meter long rolls..

Available in 1: & 2" x 60 yard rolls

Roll Size1"
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Use this resin impregnated cloth to pick up and retain dust removed from all surfaces. Silicone and wax free.
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After painting, simply clip your brushes into the Brush Mate 4+ and let the unique vapour system keep the brushes soft and pliable.
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Duct Tape Silver 50mm X 50mtr Roll
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Tyvek Protech Disposable Coveralls XL (white) Type 5 & 6
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Liberon Wax Polishing Brush is slightly curved in designed to help buffing irregular shaped waxed polishes surfaces.

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These bristle brushes are specially designed for polishing waxes surfaces and give a higher sheen than buffing with a cloth.
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The grain of a tree is a unique fingerprint of nature: The even and beautiful surfaces of Osmo Wood Filler preserve this individual character

ColourAntique Oak
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Blanchon Resin Filler, a solvent based wood filler resin to be mixed with saw dust to form a wood filler for sealing joints and splits up to 2mm and small cracks and holes up to 3mm in glued down wooden floors or wood panelling. Quick drying with oustanding adhesion to most wood species, for use on bare and sanded wood only, provides excellent flexibility.

Pack size: 1L, 5L & 10L


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The FFP2 premier mask valve is suitable for use with: " mdf dust " fibre glass " exotic wood dust
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The FFP Premier Mask Range have an overmoulded shell which is perfectly adapted to the face's outlines for maximum dust-proofness.

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