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£4.38 (£5.26 inc VAT)
£1.38 (£1.66 inc VAT)
£1.06 (£1.27 inc VAT)
£8.56 (£10.27 inc VAT)
£3.14 (£3.77 inc VAT)

Pack Size:

25mm (pack of 5) 50mm (pack of 4) 75mm (pack of 3) 100mm (pack of 2) Mixed pack of each size
£1.83 (£2.20 inc VAT)

Brush Size:

2" 4"
£1.10 (£1.32 inc VAT)

Brush Size:


In this section we list all the tools and accessories you will need to use the products on this site. Available are wax polishing brushes for hand held application to drill polishing brushes for attachment to powered hand drills, paint brushes, french polishing mops, rags, cloths and cabinet maker’s aprons etc.