Paint Brushes


Paint Brushes

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Buying quality brushes is a no brainer if you want them to last for more than a few applications.
These professional synthetic brushes are designed with this in mind, ensuring that they will offer superb results time after time.

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This Quality Floor Brush is an ideal tool for applying floor finishes such as the Polyx Oil when covering large areas.

Also ideal for use on large decking areas!

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After painting, simply clip your brushes into the Brush Mate 4+ and let the unique vapour system keep the brushes soft and pliable.
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Woca White Polishing/Buffing Hand Pad is a nylon abrasive pad, for the application and buffing/polishing of oils, waxes stains etc.

For cleaning and polishing of wooden surfaces.

Ensures a fast and efficient polishing and cleaning. Suitable for all indoor and outdoor surfaces made of wood and stone.

Woca Hand scrubber Flex fits with replacements pads, which are easy and fast to stick on/replace as required.

NB: Any cloths and pads that are soaked in oil should be stored/disposed of in a sealed containers or incinerated due to risk of self-ignition.

Size: 150mm x 90mm small enough to get into areas not possible with a machine, makes it easy to work the oil into the wood..

Comes with 1 x Handle / 6 x Replaceable White scrubbing pads

A very useful tool, makes the application easier.

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Contains – 1 x 25mm (1″), 1 x 38mm (1½”) & 1 x 50mm (2″)

Brushes Handle – Soft grip

Ferrule – Stainless steel

Ideal uses – All paints & varnishes

No bristle loss.

High performance with all paints and varnishes.

Please note brushes may differ to those shown in image.

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  • Quality mix of natural & synthetic bristles for use with all paints and varnishes
  • Excellent paint loading for great coverage
  • Flagged filaments for smooth paint release and finish
  • Plastic Handle
  • Walleted
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  • Quality mix of natural & synthetic bristle for use with all paints and varnishes
  • Excellent paint loading for great coverage
  • Flagged filaments for smooth paint release and finish
  • Wooden Handle
  • Walleted
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Soft Hair French Polishing Mops are made from natural soft hair bristles that allow the polish to flow and not run out,

Their round head gives good bristle spread and makes them ideal for applying layers of French polish quickly.

  • Ideal for applying layers of French polish quickly
  • Recommended substitute for squirrel mops
  • Blended mix of natural soft hair bristles / Zorino Mop
  • Size available, No 2, 4, 6, 8. 10. 12, 14, 16, 18

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  • Uses:
    • Provides impeccable, streak-free application
    • Eliminates brush marks and stray bristles for precision and perfection
  • Unique Characteristics:
    • Manufactured in the USA using high-grade, patented polyurethane foam known for durability and consistent performance
    • Long lifespan and dependable for any project
    • Ensures smooth, even, and first-class finish
    • Suitable for a wide range of finishes, including wood stains, dyes, varnishes, oils, and paints
    • Porous foam facilitates seamless application for a consistent layer that highlights texture and natural beauty of materials
  • Reusability:
    • Washable and reusable
    • Withstands multiple uses without compromising effectiveness
  • Sizes:
    • Available in various pack sizes tailored to different needs and applications: 25mm x 5, 50mm x 4, 75mm x 3, and 100mm x 2
    • Mixed pack of each size available for versatility
Pack Size50mm (pack of 4)
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Professional Synthetic brush.

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250ml. Top-up fluid for Brush Mate Trade 20

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Replacement vapour pads for Brushmate

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2.5 litre white plastic paint kettle.Enables painting with more manageable quantities.

Lids are available to prevent spillages and enable paint to be kept fresh overnight (sold separately - see related products below)

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Lids to prevent spillages and enable paint to be kept fresh overnight.

For use with the Kana Paint Kettle 2.5L 

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1 litre white plastic paint kettle. Enables painting with more manageable quantities.

Lid not available with 1L.

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For delicate surfaces

The Low Tack Painters Tape is suitable for all types of paint work on delicate surfaces. It removes cleanly and easily, without leaving unwanted residue or bleed. UV resistant up to 90 days.

  • Thin washi paper for sharp flat lines
  • Removes cleanly leaving no residue
  • High moisture/humidity resistance
  • Strong tear-resistant paper
  • UV resistance: 90 Days
  • Temperature resistance: Up to 100°C
  • Use: Interior + Exterior

Roll Size1"
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Kana Advantage 10 Piece Synthetic Brush for Painting Set

  • Vital addition to any painter's toolkit; ensures precision and excellence in every stroke
  • Innovative high-performance synthetic filament; guarantees smooth paint release and a superior finish
  • Traditional beavertail handle offers comfortable grip and greater control
  • Versatile in function; compatible with all paints and varnishes
  • Package includes an exclusive FREE Stubby 2" Synthetic Brush for intricate detailing
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