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This section covers items for your protection during the use of the products on this site. Respirators/dust masks, protective overalls, disposable gloves and rubber gauntlets, ear defenders and safety glasses/goggles etc.

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Bag of white cotton rags. No zips or buttons. Low cost solution to apply almost anything.
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Powder-free design eliminates the need for messy powder and promotes cleanliness Food-safe gloves suitable for handling food items, ensuring safety and hygiene Latex-free construction reduces the risk of allergic reactions and sensitivities Non-sterile gloves designed for single-use applications, promoting hygiene and preventing cross-contamination Ambidextrous design for convenience and flexibility Finger textured surface enhances grip and control, even in wet or oily conditions Each box contains 100 pairs of gloves, providing ample supply for various tasks 10 boxes per carton, offering a bulk option for larger quantities Versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications, from food service to healthcare Reliable quality with excellent strength and durability
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7000 series Reusable Half mask offering minimum maintenance and maximum protection. Medium size fits most faces.
Particulate filters can either be directly combined with the EasyLock® gas cartridges or directly connected with the mask body. Easy handling as no adapters or particulate filter holders are necessary with the Moldex EasyLock®-System. The unique Moldex Pleated Filter Technology reduces breathing resistance and considerably increases the capacity of the particulate filters. The pre-assembled filter combinations offer the simplicity of combined filters and are more economical at the same time due to exchangeable pre-filters. Simpler logistics, on average 30% less parts are required with the EasyLock®-System. 100% PVC-FREE: All Moldex products and packaging are 100% PVC-free
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Particulate Filter Holder - Clips onto  filter cartridge  and holds  8010 particulate filter pads
Tyvek Protech Disposable Coveralls XL (white) Type 5 & 6
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The FFP2 premier mask valve is suitable for use with: " mdf dust " fibre glass " exotic wood dust
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The FFP Premier Mask Range have an overmoulded shell which is perfectly adapted to the face's outlines for maximum dust-proofness.
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Pre-impregnated industrial-strength, antibacterial cleaning wipes designed for use by anyone who needs a very effective, highly absorbent and immediate on-hand or tool cleaning solution. 80 wipes per pack
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  Dust Sheets Twin Pack Cotton Twill 12ft x 9ft
Replacement cartridges A1B1E1K1 conforms with EN141. - Protection against inorganic and organic gases & vapours, ammonia and acid gases. Supplied in pairs.
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Vinyl Disposable Gloves (Box of 100)
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Safety Goggles (Warrior Brand)
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For protection against large or fine inert particles, welding fumes, mildly toxic fine dusts, glass fibre, lead dust/fumes and asbestos.
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