16 Oct 2023

How to Remove Water Marks from Wood: A Comprehensive Guide

Dealing with unsightly water marks on your wooden furniture can be frustrating. When it comes to how to remove water marks from wood, it's important to understand what causes these issues in the first place. Whether it's a favourite garden chair or an oak door, learning the process of removing water stains from wood can be extremely helpful to...

04 Sep 2023

Preparing Decking for Oiling

If you’re a homeowner with a beautiful timber deck, you already know how vital preparing decking for oiling is in maintaining its charm. This guide will take you through that process. The Importance of Regular Decking Care To keep your deck looking its best, regular decking care is essential. Neglecting this crucial task can lead to the...

13 Apr 2023

Great Savings on Wood Floor Care with 25% off Blanchon Maintenance Oil 2.5 litre in White*, While Stocks Last

If you are looking for a way to keep your white or light grey oiled wood floors in top condition and want to enjoy their natural beauty for years to come,  you should check out our amazing offer on Blanchon Maintenance Oil ! Blanchon Maintenance Oil in white is the perfect product to retain the light/white tone of white oiled wood floors. It is...

28 Sep 2022

Exterior Wood Finishing Guide

This exterior wood finishing guide will give you some insights we have developed over the years. We discuss treating exterior wood, wood stains , solvent vs water based wood stains, oil coatings , wood varnishes and references, and exterior wood maintenance.

19 Aug 2020

Protection and improved aesthetics for wood

How to keep your wood aesthetic and protect it from damage When it comes to wood care, choosing the right protective coating is crucial to preserving the longevity and beauty of your wood aesthetic. However, it's important to consider the location of the wood and use of the wood, whether it is exterior or interior wood, but also the type of wood...

13 Mar 2020

Protecting and enhancing your interior wood

Protecting and enhancing interior wood with the right choice of product will help keep it looking great for years and years. Protecting your wooden floors, wooden doors, and furniture is an investment in their future, but you still need to make sure to get the best value for money. One way to achieve this is to apply our interior wood finishes , which...

16 Dec 2019

Treating interior timbers

Treating interior timbers Wooden furnishings, wooden flooring and other features like banisters and exposed roof beams all add character and atmosphere to any home. The fact that the materials are natural means you feel closer to nature, and you also get the advantage of unique graining, resulting in a one of a kind aesthetic effect. Wood also...

22 Nov 2019

Wood fillers, Wax sticks and repairing cracks & holes

How to repair wood Are you looking for tips on how to repair wood? Wood repair products are essential for maintaining the integrity and appearance of various wooden items in and around your home. Without proper maintenance, wood can easily become cracked and damaged, compromising the structure and increasing the risk of further damage. External items...

08 Nov 2019

Caring for wooden furniture

Wooden Furniture Care with AG Woodcare Looking to keep your wooden furniture in great condition for years to come? Proper wooden furniture care is essential. Despite their timeless look and versatility, wooden pieces require proper maintenance and attention to ensure they stay looking their best. That's where we come in - as one of the country's top...

21 Oct 2019

Defending wood from damage and deterioration

Our Exterior Wood Protection Tips Exterior wood structures like deckings provide a beautiful addition to any home. However, without proper protection, they can easily fall prey to the elements. That's why exterior wood protection is essential for maintaining strength and appearance for any stretch of time. Wood is an amazing material and can make...

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