Best natural oil for wood furniture

08 Jul 2024

It is crucial to maintain wooden furniture well. Over time, wood can become dull and tired, scratched or dented, and won’t look its best. With some care, time, and knowledge about the right products to apply, you can restore your wooden furniture and flooring to the aesthetic they had when you first purchased them. Finding the best natural oil for wood furniture is key to this process./p>

Natural oils penetrate deeply into the wood, providing nourishment and protection from within. They enhance the wood’s natural beauty by highlighting the grain and providing a long-lasting finish that improves with age. Choosing the best oil for wood furniture ensures that your pieces remain beautiful and durable.

At AG Woodcare, we stock many oils that protect wooden furniture. Our best-selling is Osmo Polyx Oil, favoured by customers because it enhances the natural beauty and character of wood while providing robust protection. Available in clear satin, clear matt, semi-matt, glossy as well as a variety of colour shades, it also preserves the wood’s natural look.

Another popular choice is Blanchon Hard Wax Oil, which is formulated with natural vegetable oils and waxes. Suitable for all interior woodwork and furniture, it comes in 12 different wood colours and two clear finishes.

Best oil for outdoor wood furniture

Moving to outdoor oils, AG Woodcare also have you covered when it comes to protecting your outdoor furniture with our exterior wood oils

We often recommend  Osmo UV Protection Oil Clear and Osmo UV Protection Oil Tints as these provide superb long-term protection against UV degradation. Osmo UV Protection Oil Clear is still the most effective clear exterior oil on the market.

If you are looking for a splash of colour, then why not consider the Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain as it also provides superb long-term protection against UV degradation and moisture ingress. Plus it is available in 18 popular transparent wood colours, so you will find something to suit, whatever your outdoor decor choice.

AG Woodcare’s Restoration Range

We also have an extensive selection of wood treatments and other high-quality products specifically designed to help you revive wooden furniture that is looking past its best. Our range includes:

  • Chestnut Burnishing Cream and Liberon Burnishing Cream: These are used to clean, revive, and rejuvenate wood that has dulled over the years.
  • Liberon Ring Remover: Effective for cleaning hard polished, lacquered and varnished wood. This product is excellent at removing white water marks and heat marks, shining the wood to offer a superior finish.

When it comes to covering up scratches and dents, we have several products that can do so efficiently, including:

  • Liberon Retouch Crayons: Available in various finishes for different woods, these crayons effectively cover scratches and dents and can be used to fill in holes.
  • Liberon Wax Filler Sticks: These are used to fill in holes and cracks on finished wood and perform quick repairs.
  • Touch-Up Pens: Simply applied to small blemishes and scratches on wood to hide them.

Choosing the best oil for outdoor wood furniture nourishes the wood and offers UV protection and water resistance, ensuring that your outdoor pieces withstand the weather and continue to look their best.

AG Woodcare can provide everything you need when you’re looking for woodcare products and floor coating products that will breathe new life back into your furniture. Whatever furniture you have and whatever wood it is constructed from, you will find products that will help return its beauty and provide you with truly magnificent furniture. By choosing the best natural oil for wood furniture, you ensure the longevity and beauty of your cherished pieces.