Protection and improved aesthetics for wood

19 Aug 2020
Adam Downey

The differences between types of wood are never more apparent than when it comes to applying protective coatings. Just as it is important to ensure you have the best woodcare products for the use and location of the wood, the actual type of wood must also be given consideration. We take great pride in assisting all of our valued clients in finding the perfect specialist wood coatings for their specific needs.

Many people believe that it is only wood that is predominantly located outside that requires a protective coating, such as sheds, garden furniture, windows and doors. It certainly becomes a more essential matter in these cases, as untreated wood exposed to changing weather conditions will be far more prone to damage and rot. However, wear and tear still occurs with wood used exclusively indoors, and so it is just as important to use specialist wood coatings. Whether it is flooring, furniture or any form of fixture or fitting, using the correct woodcare products will ensure their functionality and lifespan are preserved.

Beyond the protective values brought by using specialist wood coatings, it is important to consider the effect they will have on appearance. Protecting your wooden furniture and other items doesn't mean you have to compromise on their looks. With our wide range of specialist wood coatings you can apply a beautiful grain enhancing finish, or use any particular shade of dye or stain. With our knowledge and insight into woodcare products, you are always assured of getting the most perfect coatings and treatments for your specific requirements.

The quality of our woodcare products is just as important to us as their affordability. We want to make all specialist wood coatings accessible to our clients by keeping prices as low as possible. We are here to give you the quality products and expert advice you need to bring the best out of your wood, whether you require protection for your outdoor wooden furnishings, or for your interior flooring and wooden items.