Transform Your Decking with our Best Decking Oil range

08 Jul 2024

We get all kinds of weather in the UK, and every year, we seem to break another record, whether it be the wettest, driest, hottest, or coldest. Constant changes in temperatures and conditions can greatly impact your external decking and exacerbate the effects of everyday wear and tear. Wooden decking is a fantastic feature, and at AG Woodcare, we carry a comprehensive range of products to help you prepare and preserve it. With our products, you can make sure your decking looks its best and remains in tip-top condition.

With the right products and attention, your decking will be more durable against unpredictable weather. The wood oils you use to nourish the timber used in your decking. The oils also seal and enhance the natural appearance of your decking. Using the best decking oil available is crucial to ensure the best results.

Our Best Oil for Decking Range

At AG Woodcare, we offer a selection of wood oils and other products that deliver a whole host of benefits. Our collection includes:

Osmo Decking Oil: These contain UV absorbers to protect your decking from the sun’s harmful rays. They are considered among the best decking oil products available and are available in a range of attractive wood tones as well as a clear option.

Osmo End Grain Sealing Wax: Protects the vulnerable end grains of your decking, preventing moisture ingress and extending the life of your wood.

WOCA Exterior Wood Oil: A water based alternative which provides a durable finish that protects against the elements while enhancing the natural beauty of your wood. The clear variant also has UV properties. A very versatile product and a favourite amongst many of our customers.

Best anti-slip decking oil

If you are looking for something to offer extra non-slip protection then we recommend Osmo Anti-Slip Decking Oil

This oil not only enhances the appearance of your decking but also provides an anti-slip surface, making it safer, especially in wet conditions. It’s widely recognised as the best anti-slip decking oil.

Best brush for decking oil

For best results, we recommend using a specialist decking oil brush to ensure even application and optimal absorption. The Osmo Floor Brush is a great choice as it covers large areas; ideal for decking.

If you need affordable products that provide high-quality exterior wood finishes, AG Woodcare can help. Our extensive range of decking oils and cleaners ensures your decking remains beautiful, safe, and protected against the ever-changing UK weather.