Treat your wood right and it will last you a lifetime

17 Sep 2019
Adam Downey

Wooden exterior furniture is popular due to the material's natural beauty and unrivaled strength and durability. Wooden chairs, tables, gazebos, doors, window frames and other wooden structures and items can be extremely complementary for your outdoor areas. Its appearance can be improved and enhanced with polish and varnish treatments, and even the oldest items can be rejuvenated and transformed with the right products. As wood is a renewable resource, it offers many environmental and economical benefits. It can also be remodeled and shaped with simple tools making it an extremely flexible material.

Despite its many desirable qualities, wood is of course not entirely invulnerable to damage and the effects of time. If external timber is left untreated and unprotected it will eventually begin to decline due to prolonged exposure to the elements. When wood is repeatedly exposed to water it may crack, leaving it vulnerable to molds and fungi.

However, if wood is well taken care of and treated with the right protective products, its life can be prolonged and it will even gain added character and depth as the years go by. We carry a large selection of woodcare products that offer protection against all manner of threats such as woodworm, UV rays, strong sunlight and attacks from insects. Our exterior decking seals provide a durable, hard-wearing surface and are suitable for all types of wood structures. Our selection of paints allow you to enhance your wood with vibrant colours as well as providing it with strong protection. Additionally, we carry preservatives that easily penetrate old, new and indoor and outdoor timber.

Our product selection holds everything you need for the comprehensive care of wood and we can advise you on the best products for your requirements, from floor oils to paints to varnishes. Call us or browse our website and we will be happy to help with all your woodcare needs.