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Blanchon Hard Wax Oil, formulated with natural vegetable oils and waxes, Blanchon Hard Waxoil (HardWax Oil) protects wooden floors against everyday wear and tear, also suitable for all interior woodwork. It comes in 14 different wood colours and two clear, (natural = satin-matt) and ultra-matt

  • Stain, finish & protect with one product
  • Outstanding aged effects when used in conjunction with Wood Ageing-Agents
  • You can mix the colours together to create your own range or simply apply two or three different coloured coats to create some great unique finishers all with the same ease of application. Fantastic product.
  • One benefit of this product over all other oils available is its quicker drying time in cold weather a great advantage in the winter months.

There are lots of Hardwax oils available on the web, this product is one of the best.

Available in .250ml, 1L & 2.5L

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The easiest way to clean any wood floor. Ready-to-use wood floor cleaner in a 500ml spray bottle and a 2.5L refill also available. Ideal to spot clean or clean and preserve the whole floor, oil or lacquered.

Blanchon Lagoon cleaner for a fast way to remove marks left by day to day wear without placing the room of limits for any length of time. allows you to clean most wooden floors, especially lacquered and oiled floors whether pre finished or finished on site. Lagoon cleaner is also suitable on melamine, PVC and laminate floors.

For best method of application use the floor cleaning kit.

Just spray lagoon cleaner a few times directly on to the floor and wipe with a lint free cloth,or a micro-fibre cloth, no rinsing is required and your wood floor is left clean again without any marks. Lagoon is odour free, non slip solution. Recommended for frequent cleaning, Lagoon cleans effectively and preserves the original finish of the floor.
To restore dull oiled floors use Blanchon maintenance oil.

Coverage: Approx 400 m2 per litre

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Blanchon Original Wood Environment Maintenance Oil is the perfect wood floor maintenance oil for wooden surfaces finished with Blanchon Original Wood Environment. A high performance, environmentally friendly maintenance oil, it preserves, maintains and quickly restores with no buffing required.

  • Preserves and maintains the natural finish of Blanchon Original Wood Environment
  • Odourless formula
  • Easy to apply
  • Compliant with the most stringent ecological criteria
  • No buffing required
  • Slip resistant
  • Fast drying (30 minutes)
  • Coverage: 40m2 per litre per coat
  • 1L bottles
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Blanchon Resin Filler, a solvent based wood filler resin to be mixed with saw dust to form a wood filler for sealing joints and splits up to 2mm and small cracks and holes up to 3mm in glued down wooden floors or wood panelling. Quick drying with oustanding adhesion to most wood species, for use on bare and sanded wood only, provides excellent flexibility.

Pack size: 1L, 5L & 10L


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Blanchon Wood-Ageing Agent for ageing wood flooring and panelling and all types of interior timbers. A simple to use one coat application is all that's required to benefits from the latest innovations in staining wood. It provides a “patina” finish to the wood and highlights the natural wood grain. Fast action, water based & odourless. Re-coatable with all types of finishes.
Available in 10 unique colours, and colourless (for dilution only) creates different tones on hard woods to softwoods and old timbers to new timbers. For a great finish use Blanchon Hard Waxoil as the top coat.
  • Available in White for pastel and colourless for dilution / White will change the tone of each colour and Colourless will change the shade of each colour.

Pack size 250ml, 1L and 5L

PLEASE NOTE 250ml may be supplied in our own container

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Blanchon Intensiv™ is a very high-build 2-component polyurethane lacquer specifically designed for high-traffic areas. It is ideal for use in shops, offices, hotels, restaurants, conference rooms, schools, corridors, hallways. Its unique formulation has a quick curing time combined with exceptional resistance to spillage and wear and tear. It keeps the clear natural wood shade and it can be applied on most commonly used wood species and it awarded the European Cfl S1 for resistance against fire.

Pack size 5L
Sheen LevelSatin
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Dry in 45 minutes
Excellent adhesion
Very low odour
Easy application
Quick-drying primer, suitable for all types of use (with wooden floor lacquers or waxes)
Recommended for exotic and resinous woods

S.O. Primer is recommended for "fixing" Blanchon Waterborne Dye, Blanchon Wood Ageing Agent, before the application of a water-based lacquer.

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Blanchon Remover, is a super-active cleaner/stripper for all types of floor polish and metallized polish.

It is a powerful cleaning agent, which eliminates ingrained grime, and lifts old coats of Blanchon Protector and other coats of self polishing sealers. Thus, it prepares floors for a fresh protective coat of Protector Satin or Protector Matt .

Odourless and requiring dilution in water before use,

Removes the most stubborn stains without spoiling the finish

Remover is recommended for most surfaces (prior to use, we recommend testing it in an out-of-the-way place).

Once cleaned apply Blanchon Protector.

Pack size: 1L & 5L

Coverage: 1 litre of solution = approx 500 sqm

for best method of application use the floor cleaning kit

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Removes stubborn stains from oiled floors, which could not be removed by commonly used cleaning agents.

Blanchon Powerful Cleaner liquid concentrate thoroughly cleans the toughest stains and dirt formed on all oiled surfaces from any manufacturer.

Intensive degreasing agent that removes fat and highly overlapping coatings. Prepares surfaces for the application of a new coat of oil (maintenance oil or original oil applied).

1 L Powerful Cleaner = about 250 to 500 m²

Available in 1L

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Blanchon Aquateinte is an odourless, 2-component, (Stain & Activator) water-based polyurethane wood stain. Designed to be over coated with any type of finishing/top coat product, spirit or water based, cellulose, 2 pack lacquers, oils etc, eliminates the possibility of any reaction between the stain and top coat.

Available in in 12 colours, easy-to-apply formula and the depth of its colours make it ideal for large surface areas.

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Blanchon Initial® is a one component odourless water-based PU high-build lacquer for wooden floors. It does not change the wood colour. It is suitable for lounges, bed rooms, dining rooms and stairs. It can be used on most commonly used wood species.

It's technical performance and formulation meet the most stringent ecological criteria: it contains less than 2% VOC as per Directive 2004/42/CE, it complies with the European Ecolabel environmental requirements and it is both user - and environmentally-friendly.

Single component
High-build lacquer
Ideal for domestic applications
Does not change the wood colour
Very easy to apply

Coverage 10 sq mtr per litr

Available in a clear satin & clear matt finish

Pack size 5L

Sheen LevelClear Matt
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Blanchon Universal Maintenance Oil is a quick drying maintenance oil for ALL oiled floor regardless of make or manufacture.

Maintenance oil is applied to surfaces coated with oil which have lost their natural sheen due to wear and tear as a result of scratches etc.. Supplied ready to use, apply a thin coat to a clean dry surface with a microfibre cloth, then leave to dry for twenty minutes and the room can be used when dry.

Universal maintenance oil bring back that natural sheen to a lack luster floor in one quick application.

A must use product for all oiled floors

Available in a satin and matt finish.

Pack size: 1L

Sheen LevelSatin
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Blanchon Athen is a natural finish PU floor varnish for all wooden floors, can also be used on all interior joinery.

A ready-to-use single component water-based wood floor varnish Really easy to apply.

Quick drying & curing time means rapid return to use of the floor following completion. Does not change the wood colour.

High resistance to wear & tear, water & staining.

If using wood stains/Dyes use Blanchon S O Primer prior to the application of Athen.

Available in a clear satin and clear matt finish

Coverage: 8 to10 m2/litre, minimum 2 coats of hardwood, 3 coats on softwoods.

Pack size 5L.

Sheen LevelClear Matt
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Blanchon Protector provides added protection and renovation of lacquered wood floors and plastic flooring

Specially developed for protecting satin and matt lacquered wooden floors. It is perfectly compatible with most types of lacquers, and can be even be used on laminated flooring.

Protector offers long term protection for lacquered flooring that has become dull and worn or has to withstand the pounding of feet, it restores the original finish and makes them shine again

Its non-slip surface makes it ideal for use in high-traffic public spaces, where it offers easy maintenance, beauty and long-lasting protection.

Available in Satin for gloss and satin finishes & Matt for matt & natural wood surfaces.

Protector Satin is odourless and is available in 1l & 5L and ready for use

Coverage approx 40 to 60 sqm per litre per coat

For best method of application use the floor cleaning kit.

PLEASE NOTE: 1L size will be decanted from the 5L container and in our own bottle/label. However we can confirm it will be 100% the correct product. 

Sheen LevelSatin
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Properly maintained oiled floors look better and better as time goes by.

Blanchon maintenance oil specially manufactured for the maintenance of hard waxoil, wood floor oil, and factory applied oiled wood floors. Ready to use natural complement for the maintenance of all Blanchon traditional oils, easy to apply and available in 3 colour shades:- natural, oak and white.
How often you will need to use the maintenance oil will depend on when the floor starts to look dull, once or twice a year maybe depending on its use?
For a simply way of keeping your wood floor looking beautiful for longer, consideration should be given to the following:
Use a vacuum cleaner for routine cleaning.
use Blanchon Lagoon cleaner to remove day to day marks and spot cleaning.
use Blanchon Natural Soap for frequent cleaning. (replenishes the oils)
After careful cleaning as described above and light sanding of local marks if necessary (with very fine sand paper) apply a thin single coat of Maintenance Oil with a cotton cloth or brush, always in the direction of the grain, taking care not to apply to thickly. The use of a polishing machine fitted with the correct pad can also be used to apply the oil.
Allow to dry before using the area.
Choose the right colour for your oiled wood floor: Natural for light coloured or non stained wood, White for white or grey oiled wood floors, Oak for tropical wood or dark coloured oiled wood floors.
The more frequent the maintenance oil is used the easier the maintenance becomes and your floor will look better and better as time goes by.

Coverage: 25 to 35 m2 per litre.

Pack size: 1L & 2.5L Oak & White.

*Please note White 2.5L are discounted due to excess stock. 

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Blanchon Natural Soap for oiled wood floors is for day-to-day cleaning of all oiled wood floors. Based on 100% plant based products enriched with natural ingredients.

Available in Colourless and a (white version for white and white tinted floors).

Blanchon natural soap for oiled wood floors is a 100% plant based product enriched with natural oils, which makes it ideal for frequent

cleaning of all oiled wooden floors.

It preserves and enhances their natural looking finish and boosts the protection of wood floors with each use. It should be diluted 100-125 ml per 5 litres with water and applied with a damp mop or cloth, use well wrung out to avoid getting the wood floor to wet. Rinse the mop or cloth regularly during cleaning.

Blanchon natural soap is supplied as colourless and white (white for white or white tinted floors)
Coverage: Around 400 to 500 sq m2 per litre (undiluted).

Available in 1L* and 5L 

*1L may be in a plain bottle decanted from a 5L

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Blanchon Cleaner Lisabril, used for the maintenance of all types of lacquered, varnished, laminated & vinyl floors.

  • For use on wood, laminate and plastic floors
  • Neutral Cleaner
  • Non-slip
  • Pleasant scent
  • No rinsing
  • Ideal maintenance for gyms and sports halls
  • Concentrate form
  • 10sq metres per litre diluted @ 50-100ml Lisabril to 5L water
  • Available in 1L & 5L bottles

*Please note: 1L size will be decanted & in our own bottles

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  • For a natural finish, Blanchon ORIGINAL WOOD ENVIRONMENT a real technical innovation,
  • A water based odourless wood floor coating, providing a protective floor finish with little colour change to the timber
  • It's technical performance and formulation exceeds any thing else on the market and meet the most stringent ecological criteria, complies with the European Eco-label Environmental requirements and is both user and environmentally friendly.
  • Also ideal for all interior woodwork, doors, skirting, furniture etc.
  • Available in 4 variants,

Natural = Satin-Matt finish, Rough Timber = with a hint of white pigment Satin-Matt finish,

Ultra Matt = Matt finish & Bare Timber = produces no visible finish

  • Pack size 1L & 5L
  • Coverage: 15 to 20 sqm per litre per coat. (dependent on porosity of timber)
  • A fantastic product !
  • Can be applied by Brush, Roller or Sprayed
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This professional product will allow you to decorate your floors, woodwork, furniture and paneling of all kinds .

This professional wood stain is an odorless water-dilutable Aqua-polyurethane stain .

Very easy to apply which is perfect for large surfaces especially for parquet floors.

Available in : Jatoba 500ML , Rustic Oak (Chene Rustique) - 1L

Coverage: 15 m²/L/coat