Blanchon Oceanic Lacquer Opaque Coloured

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Blanchon Opaque Coloured Lacquer for parquets, wood floors, stairs / Masks the support in 3 coats / Brings out the depth and grain of the wood

Water-Based Polyurethane / Highly resistant to abrasion, impacts and scratches 6 out of 10 for hardness
Air Protect®: Blocks up to 80% of formalin emissions from the floor.
Ready to use: single component
Odourless / High build / Easy to apply
For all types of wood

Quick return to use of the work area: 24 hours after the final coat

Available in Black, White, Light Grey, Linen

Requires 3 coats

Pack size1L and 5L


paque Coloured Wood Floor Lacquer, very decorative and highly resistant. Blocks formalin emissions from the floor.

Opaque Coloured Océanic™ Lacquer is the response to a new decorative trend: giving colour to wood floors or new life to a used or outmoded wood floor.

It makes it possible to colour a wood floor and maintain the performance of a wood floor lacquer: excellent chemical resistance and very hard-wearing.

It masks the colour and imperfections of the wood while leaving the depth and grain visible. INNOVATION Air Protect®: Opaque Coloured Océanic™ Laquer blocks up to 80% of formalin emissions from the floor.

4 fashionable colours: Black, Grey, White, Linen

Data Sheet (Technical_Data_Sheet_Opaque_coloured_Océanic™.pdf, 146 Kb) [Download]

Health & Safety Sheet (18378-47301-07916-019551.pdf, 48 Kb) [Download]

"We wanted a product that would give the wood a natural look without having a loss of colour to the untreated oak.
This has giving the best result we are very pleased. This product is not cheap but is worth the cost to get a nice looking door.
We tried different other wax oils and did not give us the same result.
Olny downside they do not sell sample pots of this. "

"Searched for a product that would retain a lot of the natural finish of the oak wood but still provide some protection from water spills as well as minor wear and team marks over the years for my staircase. This did the trick perfectly. Any form of varnish changed the colour away from the natural look of the wood that it became less about the wood and more about the colour.
Very happy with the result. After 2 coats, a light sanding and final 3rd coat the staircase is looking more of a feature for the right reasons. Super easy to apply with brush and quick dry time as well so you can get on with finishing the job.
Price is higher than I wanted to pay when you compare it with varnishes you can pick up at other DIY stores. I had to look online to find a seller who had smaller tins to bring down the cost and make sure I wasn't wasting half a tin! Annualise the cost over the 20 year lifespan of the stairs though and it's a no brainer."

Leaves the wood with a beautiful pale finish, almost as is was before treatment. Water beads nicely on the surface. Cant comment on longevity of finish yet, but visually it's great. Very easy to apply, and can be recoated in 1 hour, unlike Osmo Polyx which needs 24 hours.

We have laid a solid oak floor in our living rood, an area of 38 sq metres. We used the Blanchon Original Wood Environment ( Rough Timber ). This product was easy to apply, dried in c. 30 minutes and, after three coats, produced a surface with a slight sheen whilst retaining the original colour of the oak. I used a short hair roller to apply the solution, The floor is much admired and I would recommend the product to anyone. Rodney Seal.

Very easy to apply. Dries quickly so productivity in the workshop is high. Colour enhancement of the 'natural' is superb. My preferred finish for wood now.
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