Blanchon Wood Reactive Ageing Agent 1L

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Blanchon Tannin Reactive Ageinig Agents, available in 3 variants each producing a different coloured effects.

Tanned Wood Reactive: for effective ageing of woods with tannin content, Oak, Sweet Chestnut, Idigbo etc, produces a similar effect as ammonia but without the unpleasant smell. Quick drying and odourless. The reaction may vary from timber to timber of the same species. Finish with Blanchon Hard Wax oIl.

Grey Wood Reactive: Produces a mild greying effect for wood floors. Reactive stains that interact mildly with the tannins for a simple and natural result, Quick drying and odourless. Suitable to finish with all Blanchon clear coatings.

White Patina: Produces a lime washed effect, lightens the grain of the wood and adds depth to unbrushed woods. To create different special effects, apply to wood stains, Wood Ageing Agents or the Grey Wood Reactive, coverable with S O primer before any water based finish.

For use on all large surfaces: parquets, wood floors, stairs, and is suitable for furniture and other woodwork.

Approximate coverage: 12 to 15 sqm per litre,

Pack size 1L


Reactive stain for use on all parquets, floors and stairs made from woods with high tannin content (oak, sweet chestnut, etc.). The fact that it is very easy to apply makes it ideal for large surfaces (especially wood floors), though it is also suitable for furniture and other woodwork.


Easy to apply with a roller

Can be covered by White Patina for a discreet and elegant limewashed effect

Can be covered by all coatings keeping the wood as light and clear as possible:

If finishing with a waterbased coating apply 1 coat of SO Primer. first.

Approximate coverage: 12 to 15 sqm per litre,

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