Briwax Professional

£108.93 (£130.72 inc VAT)
£19.67 (£23.60 inc VAT)


Battery Gas
£55.45 (£66.54 inc VAT)


306 Light Elm 310 Light Cherry 317 Medium Oak 333 Natural Beech 343 Swiss Pearwood (More +8)
£8.56 (£10.27 inc VAT)


43 Rustic Oak 309 Elm 317 Medium Oak 340 Dark Rosewood 343 Swiss Pearwood (More +8)
£9.46 (£11.35 inc VAT)
£116.18 (£139.42 inc VAT)


(Windows) 402 Base Mahogany (Windows) 1185 Oak Cherry (Windows) 1342 Mahogany green (Windows) 3003 Distinct Red (Windows) 5011 Distinct Blue (More +23)
£202.89 (£243.47 inc VAT)
£113.78 (£136.54 inc VAT)
£28.38 (£34.06 inc VAT)


Hard Wax - Set A (20 Mixed colours) Hard Wax - Set B (10 Light Colours) Hard Wax - Set C (10 Medium Colours) Hard Wax - Set D (10 Dark Colours) Hard Wax - Set E (10 Mixed Colours) (More +5)

Briwax professional is a comprehensive selection of specially developed woodgrain and colour, touch up and repair products for the furniture, kitchen and window manufacturing industries, also ideal for installers, repairers.

It is suitable for repairs to solid wood, veneers, painted surfaces and foils with a special range of products for the PVCu window industries.

Anything from fine scratches to badly damaged corners, which need rebuilding can be restored to factory standards.

There are three different professional repair kits which includes a selection of standard or customised key products. A range of accessories and tools complements the waxes and pens and ensure a top quality repair every time.

The Wood Finishing & PVCu repair kits will allow the trained user to offer repairs to wooden furniture and all wooden components for interior and exterior use.

The PVCu Window repair kit contains all you need to make effective invisible repairs to all plastic windows and conservatories.

All kits supplied in a sturdy silver flight case.

There are three types of repair kit's available -

Small Woodfinishers Kit / Advanced Woodfinishers Kit

and a PVCu Window Repair Kit.

Training seminars are available upon request and provide a broad introduction to repairs on all types of surfaces, including solid wood, veneers, painted finishers, foils and PVCu