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Metolux Wood Fillers

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Dark Oak (Teak) Light Oak Mahogany Pine White
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275ml (Plus 1 x Free Hardener) 770ml (Plus 2 x Free Hardener)


Light Oak Mahogany Pine Redwood Teak (Dark Oak) (More +1)
Size770ml (Plus 2 x Free Hardener)

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Metolux is the most respected name in wood fillers amongst professional tradesman nationwide, and is used in just about every joinery workshop in the UK.

Metolux wood fillers create a speedy & permanent repair to almost any wood type. Specially blended wood colour matches are designed to suit specific wood selections, alternatively stainable versions are formulated to accept a stain after curing.

Metolux wood fillers are available in a two part resin based and one part water based form and are suitable for all interior and exterior applications.