W S Jenkins

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Garnet Shellac Flakes makes a dark brown french polish.

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Button Shellac Flakes makes a golden brown french polish.

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Super Blonde Shellac Flakes for making a light transparent french polish, used for antique restoration on light coloured woods.

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Soft Hair French Polishing Mops are made from natural soft hair bristles that allow the polish to flow and not run out,

Their round head gives good bristle spread and makes them ideal for applying layers of French polish quickly.

  • Ideal for applying layers of French polish quickly
  • Recommended substitute for squirrel mops
  • Blended mix of natural soft hair bristles / Zorino Mop
  • Size available, No 2, 4, 6, 8. 10. 12, 14, 16, 18

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Harrell's Traditional Wax Polish is regarded by restorers as probably the best wax polish for the care and protection of antique and fine furniture because of the way it naturally retains the patina and enhances the beauty of the wood it is applied to.

Available colours: Antique, Colourless, Khaki, Georgian Mahogany, Red Mahogany

Tin size: 225g, 400g & 5Kg

Harrell's Wax Polishes a British made product and used by antique restorers around the world, used extensivly by the National Trust for use on their collection of antique furniture and for the conservation of their historic houses and castles around the UK.

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Jenkins Grain Filler is a traditional thixotropic grain filler. Favoured by furniture restorers for ease of use and colour shades available.

Available in 11 wood shades & transparent,

Pack size: :500g and Certain colours in - 3Kg