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Exterior Opaque Wood Paints provide a solid colour finish while protecting your timbers from the rain and sun. Just like exterior wood stains, exterior paints have to have a few special properties within to withstand the rigors of the weather and at the same time looking fresh and bright.

Opaque refers to the product is not transparent so unlike a wood stain you won't see the grain or colour of the wood but unlike a solid paint it does not obliterate the grain either so you can just see and feel the texture of the grain.

Maintenance on exterior wood work is always high and time consuming so we recommend two of the best products available, Osmo and Impra products that guarantee your maintenance work is always kept to a minimum.

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Impra Profilan Opac a satin finish water based paint with excellent weather resistance and high covering capacity, offers the professional and DIYers a block-resistant weather resistant paint with no active ingredients but great covering properties.

Ideal for all interior and exterior wooden surfaces, easy to apply satin finish and available in a range of timeless classic shades, we can also colour match to over 25000 shades, including BS, RAL, NCS and other popular colours.

After appropriate treatment can also be used for walls, concrete, plaster, hard PVC zinc and galvanised steel

A satin finish, quick drying paint, odourless and technologically superior to anything currently available on the market, durability too exceeds anything previously available giving an extended maintenance cycle.


For further information on exterior wood care and treatments, see our guides in the blog tab at the top of this page.

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Impra Profilan Secure, a special brush applied tannin blocker primer to combat bleeding of water-soluble tannins in certain wood components. Recommended as a first coat when using light or bright paints on wood either indoors or outdoors.

When applying a water based paint system to timbers with a high tannin contents Oak, Idigbo, Hemlock etc tannins within the timber will migrate to the surface discolouring the paint colour. Profilan Secure will prevent this migration ensuring the paint finish will remain its true colour.

A two coat application for full protection, plus 1 -2 coats of Profilan Opaq for a true microporous environmental friendly paint system producing a long service life, technologically superior to anthing currently on the market

Impra Profilan Secure is a White, water thinnable, micro-porous quick drying primer, not for use on its own.
Available in 0.75L and 2.5L

For further information on exterior wood care and treatments, see our guides in the blog tab at the top of this page.

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A solution of Bitumen giving an initial gloss finish, weathering to a matt black coating. Suitable for wood, metal and concrete. Not suitable for use on roofing.

Meets BS6949-1991

  • Coverage: 1 litre - 4 sq metres
  • Drying time: 4 - 12 hours
  • Application: Brush, can be spray if diluted minimally with White Spirit but will need several coats.


1L, 5L

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Osmo Country Colour available in 18 deep rich colours, ideal for use in areas where colour is of utmost importance but where the wood also needs protection. Osmo Country Colour penetrates deeply into the wood, allows the wood to breathe and remains elastic and will not crack, flake, peel or blister and will last for years. Tried and tested is some of the harshest environments, Osmo Country Colour is tough and durable and not easily damaged.
Previous weather-beaten coats can simply be washed down and painted over without sanding. The structure of the timber is maintained.

It is highly recommended to treat all bare timbers with Osmo W R Basecoat prior to the application of Osmo Country Colour.

High coverage at 26 sq meters per litre per coat, minimum two coats required.

Also available in RAL and NCS colours to order.

Pack size 0.75L and 2.5L

For further information on exterior wood care and treatments, see our guides in the blog tab at the top of this page.

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