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Oxalic acid can remove dark spots and discoloration of the wood surface usually caused by iron, tannins or water marks. It can also be used to freshen wood colour if it becomes grayed.

Oxalic acid is supplied in crystal form, (it looks just like sugar) and is diluted in either water or methylated spirits.*

Approximately 4 tablespoons of Oxalic acid crystals in a glass or plastic container to 1 pint of water or meths, ideally you should have some undissolved crystals left at the bottom of the container after mixing, this would show that the solution is now saturated.

Apply solution to entire surface evenly with a cloth, sponge or brush. Spot treating an area will create an uneven patchy appearance, heavy staining may require spot treating first, then a further application to the entire surface.
Let the solution remain on the surface for 10 -20 minutes. If staining still remains, apply more solution to the stained area only. Continue until desired colour is obtained.

To neutralize the bleaching action (stop bleaching), wash the surface with clean water or methylated spirits and wipe with dry cloths.
Remember water will raise the grain of the wood, let dry before sanding.
Sand down the raised grain area or any wood stain applied later will appear darker in the raised area.

Warning: - Wear suitable gloves, mask and eye protection at all times when handling this product.
*Why Meths or Water?
1. Meths dry’s quicker and does not raise the grain
2. Water is cheaper & more environmentally friendly

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