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Metolux Wet Rot Wood Hardener is a highly penetrative solution of selected resins in solvent which soaks deep into the fibres of decaying wood and dries to leave the wood hard and resistant to further moisture penetration.

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A stainable, one part ready to use stopper and woodfiller for small holes and grain filling.

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Briwax Sheradale Wax made from a traditional formula using natural products including pure beeswax. Recommended for use as a final finish on old and new wood to obtain a good shine, retaining the natural patina and enhancing the full beauty of the wood.

Supplied in a 220gm clear wax finish.


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Briwax Natural Creamed Beeswax, manufactured to a traditional formulation using only refined natural beeswax, linseed oils and genuine turpentine. Use to clean and revive the natural colour of wood and enrich the patina of all good furniture.

Available in clear wax finish in 250ml


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A wax polishing brush designed for use with an electric drill for buffing larger waxed surface areas such as doors and panels.


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These bristle brushes are specially designed for polishing waxes and give a higher gloss and harder coating than buffing with a cloth.


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This bristle brushes is specially designed for polishing waxes and give a higher sheen than buffing with a cloth.


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Methylated Spirits (Meths) used to thin spirit based stains, varnishes and paints, French Polishers favoured use of Methylated Spirits for mixing/thinning french polishes and all shellac based products, can also be used for removing wax from furniture and removing pant stripper residue after paint stripping, Cleans mirrors, glass and jewellery.

It is a commonly used fuel in Meths burners on boats or outdoor heating and cooking.

Available in 1L and 5L

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  • Junckers Sylva Cleaner is a concentrated floor cleaner for all oiled or lacquered floors.
  • For regular cleaning dilute 50-100ml of Silva cleaner concentrate with 5 litres of cold water,
  • The cleaner is applied using a well wrung cloth or floor cleaning mop, do not use excess water.
  • Ideal for use on domestic, commercial, school, sports and aerobic wooden floors.
  • Available in 1 Litres and 5 Litres concentrate.

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  • Junckers Syla Wash & Polish is a cleaner and maintenance polish for matt lacquered floors and provides hard wearing a water-repellent film.
  • For regular cleaning use 50ml diluted with 5 litres of water, 10:1
  • For scattched floors apply undiluted in an even layer and buff surface to an even appearance.
  • The polish is applied using a well wrung out Sponge, Mop or Cloth.
  • For high traffic areas the floor can be treated more frequently. The amount of polish can be increased, if necessary.
  • Drying time: Ready for use after approx 20-30 minutes.
  • Coverage: Diluted: approx. 80-100 m2/litre, Undiluted approx 20 m2 per litre
  • Available;- 1L Concentrate


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  • Sylva Strip concentrate is used to remove old Junckers Sylva Polish from polished treated lacquered floors.
  • After treatment with Junckers Sylva Strip, the floor can be treated with Junckers Sylva Polish.
  • One coat treatment with a coverage 80 - 100 Sq metres/litre
  • Requires diluting @ 35ml per 5L for periodic cleaning and 125ml for basic cleaning
  • Sweep, mop or vacuume the floor, apply cleaning solution as a thin layer using a well wrung out cloth or flat mop
  • Use as part of maintenance cycle with Sylva cleaner and Sylva polish.
  • Pack Size 1L Concentrate

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Fiddes Shellac Knotting A highly effective sealer for the prevention of seepage from knots in resinous woods especially pine.

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Fiddes Liming Paste is a water based Liming Paste for creating a quick drying limed finish, designed to be over coated with a Lacquer, Varnish or Wax finish.

Available in 1Kg


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Fiddes Anti Silicone Wash is used to clean silicone contaminated wooden surfaces.


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Liberon Wax Filler Sticks for repairing finished furniture, fills cracks, splits and small to medium sizes holes and cracks with out having to strip the finish or any sanding.

Available in 17 popular wood colour shades.

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A cellulose-based, natural wood flour stopping for filling holes and cracks in unfinished wood and ready to use, no hardner required.

Available in 6 wood colours

Pack size 125ml

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Liberon Retouch Crayons quick and easy to use crayons for masking superficial scratches on finished woods.

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Liberon 3 Part Touch-up Pens, Quick drying water and wipe resistant pens for disguising minor blemishes on finished wooden surfacesa.

Available in Pine, Mahogany & Oak, each pen in 3 colour tones

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Used to repair surfaces cracks and holes in finished and unfinished wood prior to french polishing, lacquering or varnishing.

Available in packs of 3 mixed: light, medium, dark colours and a tin of 10 mixed colours.

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Liberon Iron Paste is a black graphite paste for protecting and decorating cast iron fireplaces and wrought ironworks.

Pack size 250ml

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Liberon Palette Wood Dyes, a water based quick drying wood dye ideal for dying / colouring all interior bare wood work, whilst leaving the natural beauty of the grain visible. For use prior to oil, wax, varnish and french polish finishes. Liberon palette wood dye's are suitable for both soft and most hardwoods.

Pack size: 500ml and 5L (not all colours are available in 5L)

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Liberon Spirit Wood Dye is ideal for use on hardwoods and for furniture restoration and is a traditional ethanol based dye which penetrates deep into the wood.

Ideal on oak and mahogany

Available in 8 wood colours.

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Liberon Liquid Beeswax with pure turpentine a clear wax Ideal for use on unsealed wood such as pine and oak, a traditional wax with a youghurt consistancy for ease of use on large surface areas.

Pack size: 500ml, 1L and 5L

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Liberon Beeswax Paste is ideal for nourishing absorbent woods such as pine and oak, especially unsealed. It naturally protects wood and guards against dryness. It is particularly suitable for small surfaces and furniture. Made with pure turpentine gives a gentle aroma of yesteryear. Suitable for hardwood and softwood.

Available in Clear only

Pack size 500ml

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