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Antiquing Fluid is a cold patination treatment which will colour new or bright brass, copper or bronze to give an antique look.

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Blanchon Hard Wax Oil, formulated with natural vegetable oils and waxes, Blanchon Hard Waxoil (HardWax Oil) protects wooden floors against everyday wear and tear, also suitable for all interior woodwork. It comes in 14 different wood colours and two clear, (natural = satin-matt) and ultra-matt

  • Stain, finish & protect with one product
  • Outstanding aged effects when used in conjunction with Wood Ageing-Agents
  • You can mix the colours together to create your own range or simply apply two or three different coloured coats to create some great unique finishers all with the same ease of application. Fantastic product.
  • One benefit of this product over all other oils available is its quicker drying time in cold weather a great advantage in the winter months.

There are lots of Hardwax oils available on the web, this product is one of the best.

Available in .250ml, 1L & 2.5L

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The easiest way to clean any wood floor. Ready-to-use wood floor cleaner in a 500ml spray bottle and a 2.5L refill also available. Ideal to spot clean or clean and preserve the whole floor, oil or lacquered.

Blanchon Lagoon cleaner for a fast way to remove marks left by day to day wear without placing the room of limits for any length of time. allows you to clean most wooden floors, especially lacquered and oiled floors whether pre finished or finished on site. Lagoon cleaner is also suitable on melamine, PVC and laminate floors.

For best method of application use the floor cleaning kit.

Just spray lagoon cleaner a few times directly on to the floor and wipe with a lint free cloth,or a micro-fibre cloth, no rinsing is required and your wood floor is left clean again without any marks. Lagoon is odour free, non slip solution. Recommended for frequent cleaning, Lagoon cleans effectively and preserves the original finish of the floor.
To restore dull oiled floors use Blanchon maintenance oil.

Coverage: Approx 400 m2 per litre

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Properly maintained oiled floors look better and better as time goes by.

Blanchon maintenance oil specially manufactured for the maintenance of hard waxoil, wood floor oil, and factory applied oiled wood floors. Ready to use natural complement for the maintenance of all Blanchon traditional oils, easy to apply and available in 3 colour shades:- natural, oak and white.
How often you will need to use the maintenance oil will depend on when the floor starts to look dull, once or twice a year maybe depending on its use?
For a simply way of keeping your wood floor looking beautiful for longer, consideration should be given to the following:
Use a vacuum cleaner for routine cleaning.
use Blanchon Lagoon cleaner to remove day to day marks and spot cleaning.
use Blanchon Natural Soap for frequent cleaning. (replenishes the oils)
After careful cleaning as described above and light sanding of local marks if necessary (with very fine sand paper) apply a thin single coat of Maintenance Oil with a cotton cloth or brush, always in the direction of the grain, taking care not to apply to thickly. The use of a polishing machine fitted with the correct pad can also be used to apply the oil.
Allow to dry before using the area.
Choose the right colour for your oiled wood floor: Natural for light coloured or non stained wood, White for white or grey oiled wood floors, Oak for tropical wood or dark coloured oiled wood floors.
The more frequent the maintenance oil is used the easier the maintenance becomes and your floor will look better and better as time goes by.

Coverage: 25 to 35 m2 per litre.

Pack size: 500ml (Natural only) Oak & White.

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Blanchon Natural Soap for oiled wood floors is for day-to-day cleaning of all oiled wood floors. Based on 100% plant based products enriched with natural ingredients.

Available in Colourless and a (white version for white and white tinted floors).

Blanchon natural soap for oiled wood floors is a 100% plant based product enriched with natural oils, which makes it ideal for frequent

cleaning of all oiled wooden floors.

It preserves and enhances their natural looking finish and boosts the protection of wood floors with each use. It should be diluted 100-125 ml per 5 litres with water and applied with a damp mop or cloth, use well wrung out to avoid getting the wood floor to wet. Rinse the mop or cloth regularly during cleaning.

Blanchon natural soap is supplied as colourless and white (white for white or white tinted floors)
Coverage: Around 400 to 500 sq m2 per litre (undiluted).

Available in 1L and 5L

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  • For a natural finish, Blanchon ORIGINAL WOOD ENVIRONMENT a real technical innovation,
  • A water based odourless wood floor coating, providing a protective floor finish with little colour change to the timber
  • It's technical performance and formulation exceeds any thing else on the market and meet the most stringent ecological criteria, complies with the European Eco-lable Environmental requirements and is both user and environmentally friendly.
  • Also ideal for all interior woodwork, doors, skirting, furniture etc.
  • Available in 4 variants,

Natural = Satin-Matt finish, Rough Timber = with a hint of white pigment Satin-Matt finish,

Ultra Matt = Matt finish & Bare Timber = produces no visible finish

  • Pack size 1L & 5L
  • Coverage: 15 to 20 sqm per litre per coat. (dependent on porosity of timber)
  • A fantastic product !

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Blanchon Wood-Ageing Agent for ageing wood flooring and panelling and all types of interior timbers. A simple to use one coat application is all that's required to benefits from the latest innovations in staining wood. It provides a “patina” finish to the wood and highlights the natural wood grain. Fast action, water based & odourless. Re-coatable with all types of finishes.
Available in 10 unique colours, and colourless (for dilution only) creates different tones on hard woods to softwoods and old timbers to new timbers. For a great finish use Blanchon Hard Waxoil as the top coat.
  • Available in White for pastel and colourless for dilution / White will change the tone of each colour and Colourless will change the shade of each colour.

A new range of Wood-Ageing Agent Wood Reactive now available.

Pack size 250ml, 1L and 5L

PLEASE NOTE 250ml may be supplied in our own container

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Briwax Original, the original wax polish, A natural wood-finishing treatment for all types of interior wooden furniture, panelling, doors etc.

Available in 14 wood shades

Supplied in 400ml and 5L

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  • Cascamite, The Original waterproof powdered resin wood glue for interior & exterior joinery.
  • Ideal for load bearing and laminating structural timbers.
  • Provides good gap filling properties ensuring moisture does not enter joints.
  • Produces a bond stronger than the wood itself.
  • For all exterior joinery, windows, doors, gates, kitchens veneering and laminating.
  • Available in 750gms, 3Kg, 6Kg and 25Kg sacks

*Please note 750g, 3kg and 6kg containers are supplied in our own A G Woodcare Containers, contents is cascamite produced by Polyvine.

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iddes Hard Wax Oil is a natural oil & wax blend offering exceptional durability & resistance for internal natural wood flooring, timber kitchen worktops and areas subjected to a high degree of wear. can also be use for all interior joinery components.

  • Produces a quick drying, natural satin, water repellent, tread-fast finish that will not peel or flake, offers exceptional durability and resistance.
  • Conforms to EN71-3 safe for toys, Coverage 24 sq meter per litre per coat, Minimum 2 coats required.
  • To maintain / renovate, simply wash, buff or re-apply, following the guidelines below.
  • Available in Clear Satin, Matt & Semi Gloss finish and 10 popular wood colours in a Satin finish.

For cleaning use Natural Soap for Oiled Wood floors.

Available in 250ml, 1L and 2.5L

*FREE 3" PAINT BRUSH - (Offer on 2.5L only. Offer not to be used with any other offer and only 1 free brush per order - SUBJECT TO STOCK!)

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Fiddes shellac sanding sealer, Quick and easy to apply provides an excellent natural base for a choice of finishing options such as wax polishes.

Shellac sealer can also be used as a barrier coat, knotting agent, grain filler, sealer coat for use on waterbed wood dyes/stains.

Quick and easy to apply and sand providing a super smooth surface.


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Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish is a Toluene Free, low aromatic quick drying furniture wax polish. Formulated to offer excellent results on bare or sealed wood. Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish contains a unique, environmentally friendly blend of waxes that naturally enhances the beauty of your wood. Recommended for use on furniture, doors, floors cabinet work and panelling.

Available in seven carefully selected shades,

Light:- a clear wax which maintains the existing, natural colour of the wood.

Stripped Pine:- Ideal for recently stripped or restored pine furniture and doors.

Rugger Brown:- Ideal for Oak, Elm, Walnut or Pine for a slightly darker shade.

Forest Brown:- for any type of wood when a slightly warmer tone is required.

Antique Brown:- produces a light honey brown shade for all types of wood.

Cherry:- Ideal for use on mahogany, rosewood or any timber for a rich warm finish.

Jacobean:- for use on very dark antique furniture or any timber producing a dark tone.

Application: By cloth or brush, Coverage:- 16 sq mtrs per litre per coat

Pack size:- 400ml & 5L

Perfect choice for CHALKY PAINT surfaces!!!!

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Impra Color is a spirit based micro-porous matt finish wood stain containing biocides, protecting the timber against fungal decay, blue stain and insect attack, it is highly water repellent providing long term protection.Impra

Color can be used as a stand alone product on new or old bare clean timbers, will require 3-4 coats to produce a surface build for good protection or can be used as a base coat,1 coat followed by 1-2 coats of Impra Elan (top coat) or Impra Profilan top coat.

Impra Color is suitable for all soft wood and hard woods e.g. doors, windows, conservatories, beams, eaves, log cabins and any other exterior wooden structure.

Available: 10 colours plus colourless - limba, Light Oak, Antique Oak, Mahogany, Walnut, Light Walnut, Chestnut, Rosewood, Pine, Fen Green and Colourless.

(Colourless does not give UV protection, not to be used as a stand alone product)

Coverage: 12 sq mtrs per litre (depending on porosity of timber)

Application: by brush

Pack size: 0.75L, 2.5L and (20L drums, available in a few colours only, ring for more details)

For further information on exterior wood care and treatments, see our guides in the blog tab at the top of this page.

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Impra Elan is a fast drying spirit based top coat for application on timbers treated with Impra Color (base coat) for long term protection against the harsh effects of UV light and weather influence, provides a micro-porous water repellent film which helps maintain the stability of the timber

For interior and exterior use on windows, doors conservatories and other structural timber, suitable for all soft woods and hardwoods which have to retain their dimensional stability.

Impra Elan produces a satin-gloss high build translucent finish enhancing the natural grain of the wood giving it a decorative long lasting finish.

Available:- 7 colours plus colourless- Limba, Mahogany, Chestnut, Light Oak, Antique oak, Teak, Walnut. and colourless.

(Please note - Colourless does not give UV protection however it can be used on previously stained timbers to maintain the existing colour)

Application - by brush, 2 coats on a base coat of Impra Color for long term protection.

Available in 0.75L and 2.5L

For further information on exterior wood care and treatments, see our guides in the blog tab at the top of this page.

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Harrell's Traditional Wax Polish is regarded by restorers as probably the best wax polish for the care and protection of antique and fine furniture because of the way it naturally retains the patina and enhances the beauty of the wood it is applied to.

Available colours: Antique, Colourless, Khaki, Georgian Mahogany, Red Mahogany

Tin size: 225gm & 5Kg

Harrell's Wax Polishes a British made product and used by antique restorers around the world, used extensivly by the National Trust for use on their collection of antique furniture and for the conservation of their historic houses and castles around the UK.

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  • For use on untreated wooden floors, pre treated oiled flooring and for maintaining other oiled treated floors.
  • The perfect oil to treat wooded kitchen worktops
  • Easy to apply and maintain
  • Makes spot maintenance possible
  • Remarkable coverage
  • Extremely hard wearing, Rustic oil is the only oil recommended for commercial flooring, other manufacturers do not recommend their products for commercial flooring.
  • Available in .75ml, 2.5L and 5L
  • For care and maintenance see information on Rustic Top Oil and Sylva Cleaner.
  • Satin Finish
  • Coverage:- Oil-treated/primed wood: 20-50 m2 per litre. Untreated wood:( First Coat only) 5-10 m2 per litre.

No other oil can match the performance of Junckers Rustic Oil !

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  • Junckers Sylva Cleaner is a concentrated floor cleaner for all oiled or lacquered floors.
  • For regular cleaning dilute 50-100ml of Silva cleaner concentrate with 5 litres of cold water,
  • The cleaner is applied using a well wrung cloth or floor cleaning mop, do not use excess water.
  • Ideal for use on domestic, commercial, school, sports and aerobic wooden floors.
  • Available in 1 Litres and 5 Litres concentrate.

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Liberon Superior Danish Oil is a blend of pure tung oil and other natural oils. A general purpose top quality finishing oil gives a soft sik sheen for interior and exterior use, protection for hard and soft woods.

Gives good U V Protection

For further information on exterior wood care and treatments, see our guides in the blog tab at the top of this page.

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Liberon Wax Filler Sticks for repairing finished furniture, fills cracks, splits and small to medium sizes holes and cracks with out having to strip the finish or any sanding.

Available in 17 popular wood colour shades.

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Liberian Wood Bleacher, a ready to use water based bleacher, Ideal for removing dark stains caused by rust, alcohol, damp, ink, ring marks and fruit etc. (Contains Oxalic Acid)

Available in 125ml, 500ml, 1Litre, 2.5L and 5L -

(Please note the 250ml / 500ml / 1L / 2.5L / 5L are labelled as AGW Wood bleacher)

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Osmo Country Colour available in 18 deep rich colours, ideal for use in areas where colour is of utmost importance but where the wood also needs protection. Osmo Country Colour penetrates deeply into the wood, allows the wood to breathe and remains elastic and will not crack, flake, peel or blister and will last for years. Tried and tested is some of the harshest environments, Osmo Country Colour is tough and durable and not easily damaged.
Previous weather-beaten coats can simply be washed down and painted over without sanding. The structure of the timber is maintained.

It is highly recommended to treat all bare timbers with Osmo W R Basecoat prior to the application of Osmo Country Colour.

High coverage at 26 sq meters per litre per coat, minimum two coats required.

Also available in RAL and NCS colours to order.

Pack size 0.75L and 2.5L

*FREE BRUSH PACK Worth £4.60+VAT! - (Offer on 2.5L only. Pack consists of 1x1" / 1x1.5" 1x2" - Offer not to be used with any other offer and only 1 free brush pack per order - SUBJECT TO STOCK!)

For further information on exterior wood care and treatments, see our guides in the blog tab at the top of this page.

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Ideal for timber decking Osmo Wood Oils are the perfect solution for the garden offering a natural and protective finish. Osmo Wood Oils are individually tailored to the natural nuances of the colour and properties of each wood. They give the timber a fresh, natural appearance and a smooth finish.

*FREE BRUSH PACK Worth £4.60+VAT! - (Offer on 2.5L only. Pack consists of 1x1" / 1x1.5" 1x2" - Offer not to be used with any other offer and only 1 free brush pack per order - SUBJECT TO STOCK!)

For further information on exterior wood care and treatments, see our guides in the blog tab at the top of this page.

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  • Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain is an oil based decorative satin-matt finish that comes in a variety of transparent wood colours and can be used for all exterior timber providing long term protection against UV degradation and moisture ingress.
  • A two coat application provides a highly effective weather resistant finish.
  • For best results it is recommended to treat bare timber with Osmo WR Base Coat prior to the application of Natural Oil Wood Stain.
  • Available in 18 popular colours. see colour chart below. For a Clear finish use Osmo UV protection Oil 410 or 420 extra.
  • Osmo UV Protection Oil 410 or 420 can also be applied as a finishing coat on the Natural Oil Wood Stain to further enhance the UV Protection creating greater long term protection from UV degradation.
  • Osmo Natural Oil Wood Stain has a very high coverage, minimum two coat application required with easy maintenance just one coat on a clean dry surface, no sanding required.
  • Recommended use: all exterior woods (dimensionally stable and non dimensionally stable):
  • doors, windows and windowsill, sheds, carports, timber cladding, balcony, wooden decking, screens &
  • fences, pergolas, garden houses, outside furniture and Log cabins.
  • Uses -
  • Available - 750ml and 2.5L
  • Coverage - 26 sq mtr per ltr per coat
  • Application - by brush, short haired roller

*FREE BRUSH PACK Worth £6.59+VAT! - (Offer on 2.5L only. Pack consists of 1x1" / 1x1.5" 1x2" - Offer not to be used with any other offer and only 1 free brush pack per order - SUBJECT TO STOCK!)

For further information on exterior wood care and treatments, see our guides in the blog tab at the top of this page.

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Osmo Polyx-Oil is available in a clear, satin-matt, semi-matt or matt finish for all wooden floors and interior joinery components. Can be used alone to provide a clear finish or applied over Osmo Polyx Oil Tints, Osmo Wood Wax Finish Transparent to provide various colour combinations

  • Available in a Matt (3062) or Satin Matt (3032) finish (a rapid drying version is also available (Matt 3262 & Satin-Matt 3232)
  • Supplied in .75ml, 2.5L and 10L
  • Application - By brush, cloth, scraper
  • Coverage - 24 sq mtr per litre per coat

*FREE 3" PAINT BRUSH - (Offer on 2.5L only. Offer not to be used with any other offer and only 1 free brush per order - SUBJECT TO STOCK!)

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