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Oils are simple to use and produce fantastic results. Oil finishes have been around since the Romans, but it has only grown in popularity with in the last 40 years or so, and massively so within the last 15 years and are still growing.

A G Woodcare stock the very best available, manufacturers such as Rustins, Liberon, Osmo, Blanchon, Fiddes, Rystix, companies that have been around as long as the Romans, (well a long time anyway).

We have in excess of 200 oiled finishes on the shelf. Products suitable for all types of interior or exterior woodwork, for floors, doors, windows, furniture, staircases, panelling, toys etc, To much choice sometimes is confusing, so for any help you require we are only a phone call away for help.

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Fiddes Linseed Oil is the original oil polish reaching back many centuries in English furniture making. Also suitable for other internal uses such as musical instruments, fruit bowls, chopping boards etc. Raw Linseed Oil is a hard wearing oil giving a warm, mellow & durable finish. It is a slow drying oil and is also commonly used for adding to other oils to make unique blends. For interior and exterior use. Coverage - 20 -24 sq mtrs per litre per coat. Available in 1L and 5L For further information on exterior wood care and treatments, see our guides in the blog tab at the top of this page.
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Key Features Osmo Polyx Oil is a premium choice for protecting wooden floors and interior joinery. Here are some other key features of Osmo Polyx Oil: Provides exceptional durability and protection Available in finishes such as 3032 Clear Satin and 3062 Clear Matt Rapid drying formulas for efficient application Based on renewable raw materials 8-10 hours drying time Coverage: 24 sq/m per litre per coat Application method: Synthetic brush, microfibre roller or lint free cloth Number of coats required: 2 Available in various sizes (750ml 2.5L, and 10L) to suit different project needs
Sheen Level3032 Clear Satin
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Fiddes Boiled Linseed Oil used similar to raw linseed oil, but has been modified with the addition of dryers and heat to radically improve drying times compared to raw linseed oil. A superior quality oil suitable for all types of wood, both interior and exterior. Application by brush removing any excess immediately with a lint free cloth. Coverage 20 -24 sq mts per litre per coat Available in 1L and 5L For further information on exterior wood care and treatments, see our guides in the blog tab at the top of this page.
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Chestnut Food Safe Finish is a clear food grade oil for use with salad bowls, cheese boards and other items which come into contact with foodstuffs. It dries to a soft satin finish with a high degree of water resistance which will withstand wiping with a damp cloth. Available in 500ml
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Liberon Finishing Oil is a blend of high quality oils for use on all interior wood,. Produces a hard wearing and water resistant oil for surfaces that are in everyday use. Easy to apply and maintain, provides a satin to gloss finish. Ideal for use on work tops, kitchen tables and bathroom furniture also for turned woodwork and wooden toys. can also be applied to cork, stone and terracotta. Application by brush or cloth to a well prepared surface, allow oil to penetrate for 10 minutes then wipe of any excess and allow to dry. A minimum of 3 coats is recommended, for a more durable finish and a higher sheen apply more coats. Simple to use, provides a superb finish. Available in 250ml. 500ml. 1L and 5L
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Liberon Superior Danish Oil is a blend of pure tung oil and other natural oils. A general purpose top quality finishing oil gives a soft sik sheen for interior and exterior use, protection for hard and soft woods. Gives good U V Protection For further information on exterior wood care and treatments, see our guides in the blog tab at the top of this page.
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Chestnut Lemon Oil, manufactured using lemongrass oil, Lemon Oil gives a virtually matt, non-tacky finish to bare timber whilst enhancing the feel of the wood and leaving a pleasant lemon aroma. Non-oxidising and water-resistant, Lemon Oil is also ideal for finishing the inside of drawers, boxes and cabinets. Pack Size 500ml & 1L
Woca Worktop Oil, 0.75L
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Woca Worktop Oil give wooden work surfaces a highly water and dirt-repellent finish. Designed for untreated or previously oiled/sanded wood, Available in natural and white, the Natural treatment will enhance the timber producing a mellow, golden tone, the white is designed for lighter coloured timbers, beech, ash can also be used on other timbers if a lighter shade is required Worktop Oil is an air-hardening oil that penetrates deep into the wood, leaving a tough water- and stain-resistant surface. The oil highlights the wood’s natural glow and gives the surface a natural, fresh appearance. Pack size: 750ml Woca Worktop Oil is FDA Approved - Food and Drug Administration approved for contact with foodstuffs (Food safe finish) Also available as Work top Kit
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Intensive colours allow the wood's natural grain and character to remain visible after the first coat, however these characteristics become hidden after the second coat. For high tread surfaces such as flooring - only one coat is recommended, followed by a clear coat of Polyx®-Oil. This is to ensure the colour is also protected from wear. For furniture, joinery and children's toys - a second coat can be applied for an opaque colour tone, hiding the wood's character.
Colour3169 Black
Woca Worktop Kit - Natural
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WOCA Worktop kit All you need to treat and maintain your wooden worktop in a handy little box. Worktop Oil is designed for untreated or previously oiled/sanded wood surfaces. The oil makes the surface highly water and dirt repellent. Use Worktop Oil, Natural, on both dark and light wood species - to give the wood a mellow, golden colour. For oil treatment and maintenance The kit contains:- 0.75 L Worktop Oil 250 ml Intensive Wood Cleaner Black sanding pad White polishing pad One lint-free cloth One pair of gloves Work instructions Coverage:-12-15 sq mtr per litre
Woca Diamond Oil Active
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The first 1k oil that works like a 2k ONE COAT ONLY! This product only requires one coat which equates to the lowest cost per Square Metre compared to other oils in today's market. Diamond Oil Active is for those who appreciate an incredibly high level of quality when oiling their wooden floors. This exclusive, single-component, low-odour, extremely hard-wearing floor oil is made from the absolutely finest quality materials. It is very easy to work with and assures minimal waste. Diamond Oil Active’s unique hyper cross linking technology will give your wooden floor a comfortable, non-slip surface that is extremely water repellent and easy to clean and maintain. The oil has a dry matter content of >90% and is suitable for machine-application when oiling untreated, new or newly-sanded wooden floors in all species of wood. Resistant to liquids, scratches and marks. Gives the wood a beautiful, breathable surface Easy maintenance, Just use Woca natural soap. Coverage (Diluted):- 20 -25 sq mtr per litre Available in Natural, White and Extra White Supplied in 1L & 2.5L
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For use on untreated wooden floors, pre treated oiled flooring and for maintaining other oiled treated floors. The perfect oil to treat wooden kitchen worktops Easy to apply and maintain Makes spot maintenance possible Remarkable coverage Extremely hard wearing, Rustic oil is the only oil recommended for commercial flooring, other manufacturers do not recommend their products for commercial flooring. Available in .75ml, 2.5L and 5L For care and maintenance see information on Rustic Top Oil and Sylva Cleaner. Satin Finish Coverage:- Oil-treated/primed wood: 20-50 m2 per litre. Untreated wood:( First Coat only) 5-10 m2 per litre No other oil can match the performance of Junckers Rustic Oil !
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Rustin's Danish oil penetrates deep into all types of timber, drying to a hard, satin durable and water resistant finish. Danish oil brings out the natural beauty of wood and vaneered surfaces, gives a natural open-grained low lustre easy to maintain finish. Supplied in 250ml, 500ml, 1L & 2.5L
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Liberon Pure Tung Oil is premium natural oil highly resistant to water, alcohol and food acids. It provides a hard wearing heat resistant matt finish. Liberon Pure Tung Oil produces a food safe finish, so is ideal for food bowls, chopping boards and food preparation surfaces such as kitchen worktops, can also be used on tables and all high quality interior wood. Pure Tung Oil, is a natural, non-toxic product which can be used on toys and is approved EN71 part 3- safe for toys. Available in  500ml, 1L  For further information on exterior wood care and treatments, see our guides in the blog tab at the top of this page.
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Osmo Wood Wax Finish Transparent for all interior woodwork including furniture and childrens toys. In one simple operation it produces a rich professional satin finish, extremely durable, water repellent and dirt resistant.
Colour3101 Clear Size2.5L
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Liberon Boiled Linseed Oil is used to give a mellow, finish to new or stripped bare wood. A superior quality oil, similar to Raw Linseed Oil, but modified with added dryers and having had hot air passed through to improve drying times, "Boiled oil" comes from the past when the only way to heat the oil to a high temperature was by boiling. It is suitable for use on all types of wood, except exterior oak, for oak use Liberon pure Tung Oil. Boiled Linseed Oil It is also recommended as a sealer for terracotta tiles and other porous surfaces before waxing. Available in 250ml, 500ml, 1L and 5L For further information on exterior wood care and treatments, see our guides in the blog tab at the top of this page.
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Teak oil is a traditional blend of high quality natural oils, producing a very hard wearing satin- matt finish. Ideal for the treatment of exotic hardwoods, it revitalises and feeds tired timbers, preserving the natural beauty of wood. Application by brush or cloth Available in 1L and 5L For further information on exterior wood care and treatments, see our guides in the blog tab at the top of this page.
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Osmo Polyx Oil Rapid is a faster drying alternative to the ever popular Polyx Oil. It an extremely tough and hard wearing clear wood coating for all wooden floors, either solid or engineered and enables the application of the two coats to be applied in one day, it is also suitable for all interior joinery components. Osmo Polyx Oil Rapid (the Original Hard Wax Oil) is easy to apply and maintain, produces a professional finish with a two coat application, protects soft and hard wood floors, enhancing the real beauty of wood. The oil is made on a base on natural oils and waxes produces a waterproof & dirt resistant finish also resistant to tea,coffee and fruit juices etc. The added advantage of this hard wax oil is you can patch repair damaged areas or reinforce high traffic areas without having to sand the whole floor. Osmo Polyx Oil Rapid can be used as a product on its own highlighting the natural beauty of the wood or applied on top of Osmo Polyx Oil Tints , Osmo Wood Wax Transparent or compatible wood stains from other manufactures. (contact us for further information) Available in a Matt (3262) or Satin Matt (3232) finish (a standard drying version is also available (Matt 3062 & Satin-Matt 3032) Supplied in .75ml, 2.5L Application - By brush, cloth, scraper Coverage - 24 sq mtr per litre per coat
Sheen Level3232 Clear Satin
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Key Features Osmo Top Oil is renowned for creating a perfect finish in fewer coats than traditional oils. These oils are designed to accentuate the natural colour and grain of wood, making them ideal for kitchen worktops. Food safe (EN 1186) Safe for use on children's toys (EN 71.3) Extremely water and chemical-resistant Very durable and hardwearing Resistant to common liquid spillages such as water, juice, tea, cola and wine Saliva-resistant and sweatproof, suitable for children's toys A microporous, breathable finish which does not crack, peel or flake No sanding is necessary for spot repairs or future applications Based on renewable raw materials 8-10 hours drying time Coverage: 24 sq/m per litre per coat Application method: Synthetic brush, microfibre roller or lint free cloth
Sheen Level3058 Clear Matt
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A clear extra thin wood oil finish for interior applications producing a satin-matt finish. For certain dense woods this product is recommended over thicker products such as the Polyx Oil. It is also used as a primer coat prior to the application of Polyx Oil
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