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Interior Wood Finishes

£10.46 (£12.55 inc VAT)

Chestnut Melamine Lacquer, A quick drying, hard wearing clear lacquer with a melamine additive which provides improved heat and water resistance. Once dry, the lacquer chemically ‘cures’ achieving maximum durability after seven days. This formula does not contain harmful petroleum solvents such as toluene or xylene.

Available in 500ml

£6.79 (£8.15 inc VAT)

Chestnut Spirit Thinner. A clear top quality thinners for use with Spirit Stain and other methylated spirit based products such as French Polish, Shellac Sanding Sealer etc

Available in 500ml

£11.51 (£13.81 inc VAT)

Chestnut Burnishing Cream. A very mildly abrasive cleaner which smoothes and cleans finishes, reviving the lustre of

previously polished surfaces and enhancing the gloss of newly applied lacquers and polishes.

Especially suitable for use with Melamine Lacquer, Acrylic Gloss Lacquer, Friction Polish. Can

also be used as a liquid sander on Cellulose Sanding Sealer before the application of wax or

Friction Polish but not lacquers.

Available in 500ml

£8.63 (£10.36 inc VAT)

Chestnut End Seal, a ready to use sealer which when dried forms a seal on non-kiln dried wood, thus slowing down the drying process and helping to prevent the wood from splitting. End Seal is an easy to use, safe alternative to using molten paraffin wax. On round blanks the edge of the circumference is normally coated, on square blanks the smaller ends are coated. End Seal can also be used when working on a large item which is being left for several days, to prevent it splitting whilst on the lathe.

Available in 1L

£23.36 (£28.03 inc VAT)

Osmo Polyx Oil Rapid is a faster drying alternative to the ever popular Polyx Oil. It an extremely tough and hard wearing clear wood coating for all wooden floors, either solid or engineered and enables the application of the two coats to be applied in one day, it is also suitable for all interior joinery components.

Osmo Polyx Oil Rapid (the Original Hard Wax Oil) is easy to apply and maintain, produces a professional finish with a two coat application, protects soft and hard wood floors, enhancing the real beauty of wood. The oil is made on a base on natural oils and waxes produces a waterproof & dirt resistant finish also resistant to tea,coffee and fruit juices etc.

The added advantage of this hard wax oil is you can patch repair damaged areas or reinforce high traffic areas without having to sand the whole floor.

Osmo Polyx Oil Rapid can be used as a product on its own highlighting the natural beauty of the wood or applied on top of Osmo Polyx Oil Tints, Osmo Wood Wax Transparent or compatible wood stains from other manufactures. (contact us for further information)

Available in a Matt (3262) or Satin Matt (3232) finish (a standard drying version is also available (Matt 3062 & Satin-Matt 3032)

Supplied in .75ml, 2.5L

Application - By brush, cloth, scraper

Coverage - 24 sq mtr per litre per coat

£14.91 (£17.89 inc VAT)

Osmo Top Oil (3058) is a clear oil and wax mixture used as treatment for wooden kitchen work tops. Top Oil creates the perfect finish in fewer coats than traditional oils.

Available as a clear matt finish highlighting the grain creating a classic beautiful food safe finish.

  • 3058 CLEAR, MATT - The emphasis on the wood's grain and natural characteristics provides a warm and rich effect without a sheen.
  • 3028 CLEAR, SATIN - The subtle, noble shimmer resembles satin and emphasises the wood grain modestly.
  • 3068 NATURAL, MATT - For an almost completely natural look. Retains the wood's light character with optimally balanced white pigments.

£53.27 (£63.92 inc VAT)

The OSMO Spray Wax Finish is a high quality Industrial Wood Finish with high mechanical and chemical resistance and is free of formaldehyde. It can be used for the furniture industry, interior work and for parquet, flooring, stairs and toys.

£16.31 (£19.57 inc VAT)

A wax polishing brush designed for use with an electric drill for buffing larger waxed surface areas such as doors and panels.

£28.82 (£34.58 inc VAT)

These bristle brushes are specially designed for polishing waxes and give a higher gloss and harder coating than buffing with a cloth.

£17.16 (£20.59 inc VAT)

Fiddes Shellac Knotting A highly effective sealer for the prevention of seepage from knots in resinous woods especially pine.

£8.25 (£9.90 inc VAT)

Liberon Black Bison Liquid Wax is ideal for nourishing and protecting all types of wood. It is particularly suitable for large surfaces such as panelling, floors, doors, staircases and other large interior woodwork. Black Bison Liquid Wax is well known for its quality and pleasant, distinctive aroma. It is also highly suitable on antique furniture and other wood surfaces new and old enhancing the natural beauty of the wood whilst protecting it against dryness.

Available in 4 wood shades plus clear (yellowish tinge) and neutral (colourless),

Conforms to EN71-3 approved safe for toys, Coverage 10-12 m² per litre

Pack size: 500ml and 5L *not all shades are available in all sizes.

For smaller surface areas, and fine furniture see Liberon's Black Bison Paste Wax.

£16.57 (£19.88 inc VAT)
Garnet Shellac Flakes makes a dark brown french polish.

£31.08 (£37.30 inc VAT)

Liberon Lemon Shellac Flakes produces a pale golden brown coloured french Polish.

£16.59 (£19.91 inc VAT)
Button Shellac Flakes makes a golden brown french polish.

£4.36 (£5.23 inc VAT)

Chestnut Small Round Brush for easy application of waxes, pastes etc. in intricate places.

£5.24 (£6.29 inc VAT)

Liberian Spirit Sanding Sealer, for sealing wood prior to waxing, quickly prepares the surface of bare wood and MDF ready for sanding. A must use product if you want to wax bare/unsealed wood.

Pack size 250ml

For larger quantities see Fiddes Shellac Sanding Sealer

£7.92 (£9.50 inc VAT)

Liberon Burnishing Cream used to restore the original highly polished finish to furniture, covers superficial scratches and revives dull and tired hard finishes.

Pack size: 250ml, 500ml, 1L and 5L

£90.41 (£108.49 inc VAT)
  • A two-component water-based 100% polyurethane non yellowing lacquer.
  • For commercial floors requiring a clear Silk-Matt or Ultra Matt finish.
  • Also suitable for domestic use.
  • Fast drying easy and safe to use. Excellent de-foaming and flow properties.
  • Excellent durability.
  • Number of coats required: 2 - 3
  • High traffic, high durability and fast curing speed
  • Ready for use the next day, fully cured at 72 hours.
  • Use High Performance Friction + as a third/last coat for a non slip finish.
  • Use Pro-Seal or Base Prime as a primer to produce an oiled look.

Great product, hard to beat.

£55.25 (£66.30 inc VAT)
  • Junckers Prelak is a single-pack, fast drying water-borne primer for use with Junckers water-based floor finishes on all types of internal timber floors.
  • Use with Junckers Strong and High Performance Commercial floor lacquers.
  • Prelak provides a stable surface for the application of the top coat and also prevents the timber joints from gluing together (side bonding) which prevents natural movement of the timbers and can lead to damage.
  • Apply to a clean dry and dust free surface, only one coat required.
  • For use on new and bare timbers
  • Available in 5L

£65.69 (£78.83 inc VAT)
  • Single pack water based 100% polyurethane lacquer.
  • Easy to use and easy to maintain.
  • For light commercial/domestic use.
  • Can be used for all interior joinery.
  • Fast drying, low odour.
  • High durability.and non yellowing
  • Does not change the colour of the wood.
  • Available in a Matt (20%) Semi Gloss (50%) sheen levels.
  • Drying time : 4 hours.
  • Coverage: 10 sq meters per litre 2-3 coats.

Application - by brush, short pile roller or spray.

Pack size 5L

£67.64 (£81.17 inc VAT)

Fiddes Supreme Liming Wax produces a 'Limed' finish, normally associated with period oak furniture. Traditionally used on antiques but is also suitable for use on modern furniture and will enhance the natural beauty of wood while protecting it against dryness.

£16.95 (£20.34 inc VAT)

Fiddes Goldsize is a high quality spirit based gold size, a popular product for gold leafing and has many other uses.

Approximately 3 hour tack time.

£4.85 (£5.82 inc VAT)

Natural earth powders for adding colour to paint, wood filler & stoppers and just about anything.

Available: 11 colours in 100gm (Please note that Vegetable Black weighs 50g)

£7.34 (£8.81 inc VAT)

BRIWAX SPRAY, is a new introduction to our furniture and wood care range, it is a "surface shine and spray polish" for antique reproduction finishes, especially for usage on hardwoods.

Supplied in a 400ml aerosol

We have a select range of interior wood finishes for all interior woodwork. Products are applied to interior woodwork for various reasons:- protection and preservation of the wood, an enhanced appearance, to provide a hard wearing easy to clean and maintain finish, child safe finish, heat resistant finish and the list goes on & on, but whatever finish you desire A G Woodcare can help you achieve your goal.

Listed below are all the products you will need for your project If you have a project in mind and it does not quite fit within our guides, then please call our technical help line.