Interior Wood Finishes

We have a select range of interior wood finishes for all interior woodwork. Products are applied to interior woodwork for various reasons:- protection and preservation of the wood, an enhanced appearance, to provide a hard wearing easy to clean and maintain finish, child safe finish, heat resistant finish and the list goes on & on, but whatever finish you desire A G Woodcare can help you achieve your goal.

Listed below are all the products you will need for your project If you have a project in mind and it does not quite fit within our guides, then please call our technical help line.

Woca Driftwood Lye
£29.26 (£35.11 inc VAT)
Woca Active Stain
£28.66 (£34.39 inc VAT)
Jenkins Jecowax (Soft)
£5.13 (£6.16 inc VAT) £9.57
Blanchon Athen
£14.83 (£17.80 inc VAT)
Lakeone Spray Shine 500ml
£12.74 (£15.29 inc VAT)
Lakeone Restorer
£14.07 (£16.88 inc VAT)
Lakeone Reviver
£12.65 (£15.18 inc VAT)
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