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A wax polished finish, deemed the classic finish are available in a range of natural wood shades as well as colourless, used for centuries to protect and enhance wooden furniture. A G Woodcare only supply high quality waxes supplied by Briwax, Harrells, Fiddes, Liberon and Chestnut. Wax polish is available as a paste (similar to old fashion boot polish) or as a liquid (a yoghurt like consistency) There are many different type of waxes containing bees wax, carnauba wax, paraffin wax as well as different types of solvents within the mix such as naptha and turpentine. So every manufacturer has their own special blend, which makes no two waxes the same. Some waxes are suitable for chairs some are not, other waxes will produce a hard wearing surface (Harrells) while others are very soft so we have listed within each product description the most suitable use for the wax. Some consumer grade waxes contain silicone's and we would advise you to avoid the use of such products.
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Briwax Original, the original wax polish. A natural wood-finishing treatment for all types of interior wooden furniture, panelling, doors, floors etc.

Supplied in 400 gram or 5L tins

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A traditional floor wax from Fiddes. Easy to apply and quick drying, this liquid floor wax nourishes and protects all types of wooden floors.

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Liberon Liquid Beeswax with pure turpentine a clear wax Ideal for use on unsealed wood such as pine and oak, a traditional wax with a youghurt consistancy for ease of use on large surface areas.

Pack size: 500ml, 1L

ColourClear Size500ml
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Liberon Beeswax Paste is ideal for nourishing absorbent woods such as pine and oak, especially unsealed. It naturally protects wood and guards against dryness. It is particularly suitable for small surfaces and furniture. Made with pure turpentine gives a gentle aroma of yesteryear. Suitable for hardwood and softwood.

Available in Clear only

Pack size 500ml

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Liberon Black Bison Liquid Wax is ideal for nourishing and protecting all types of wood. It is particularly suitable for large surfaces such as panelling, floors, doors, staircases and other large interior woodwork. Black Bison Liquid Wax is well known for its quality and pleasant, distinctive aroma. It is also highly suitable on antique furniture and other wood surfaces new and old enhancing the natural beauty of the wood whilst protecting it against dryness.

Available in 4 wood shades plus clear (yellowish tinge) and neutral (colourless),

Conforms to EN71-3 approved safe for toys, Coverage 10-12 m² per litre

Pack size: 500ml and 5L *not all shades are available in all sizes.

For smaller surface areas, and fine furniture see Liberon's Black Bison Paste Wax.

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Liberon Liming Wax key features

  • Liberon Liming Wax is a white wax
  • For interior use only
  • Quick drying (5 minutes)
  • Use it to create a limed effect on oak and other hardwoods.
  • Pack size 250ml and 500ml

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Fiddes Supreme Liming Wax produces a 'Limed' finish, normally associated with period oak furniture. Traditionally used on antiques but is also suitable for use on modern furniture and will enhance the natural beauty of wood while protecting it against dryness.

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Liberon Black Patinating Wax creates striking effects on all types of material such as metal, wood and plaster

Use to create special effects on wood, age wood and disguise repairs.

Pack size: 250ml

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BRIWAX SPRAY, is a new introduction to our furniture and wood care range, it is a "surface shine and spray polish" for antique reproduction finishes, especially for usage on hardwoods.

Supplied in a 400ml aerosol

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Chestnut Microcrystalline Wax, forms a very dense coating which makes it very hard wearing and highly water repellent, ideal for situations needing a tough coating that might get wet. This wax also have a higher melting point than traditional waxes, a natural choice for wood turners.

Available in 225ml

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Sprayshine is a colourless wax in spray containing turpentine and beeswax to dust and shine all types of finished woodwork and furniture.

Sprayshine nourishes, protects and shines. It leaves no deposit or white film!

Available in 500ml aerosol.


Spray at a distance of 20 or 30 cm from your furniture. Leave to stand for a few minutes, then shine with Polishing cotton or a Polishing brush.

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Fiddes Mellow Wax range is a blended beeswax polishes of the highest quality, Fiddes Mellow Wax Polish is available in 5 distinctive wood shades, and is specially manufactured for finishing sealed or previously polished wood.

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Liberon Black Bison Fine Paste Wax

A blend of natural waxes, ideal for nourishing and protecting all types of wood.

A lacquered or french polished surface is further enhanced and protected with a coat of Black Bison wax.

Black Bison wax is well known for its quality and distinctive, pleasant smell. It is traditionally used on antiques but is also suitable for use on modern furniture and will enhance the natural beauty of wood while protecting it against dryness.

Available in 13 wood shades, plus clear (yellow tinge) and neutral (colourless),

Pack size: 500ml, 1L and 5L *not all colours are available in all sizes

For larger surface areas such as doors, staircases and other large interior woodwork, see Liberon's Black Bison Liquid Wax Polish.

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Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish is a Toluene Free, low aromatic, quick drying furniture wax polish. Formulated to offer excellent results on bare or sealed wood. Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish contains a unique, environmentally friendly blend of waxes that naturally enhances the beauty of your wood. Recommended for use on furniture, doors, floors, cabinet work and panelling.

Available in seven carefully selected shades,

Light:- a clear wax which maintains the existing, natural colour of the wood.

Stripped Pine:- Ideal for recently stripped or restored pine furniture and doors.

Rugger Brown:- Ideal for Oak, Elm, Walnut or Pine for a slightly darker shade.

Forest Brown:- for any type of wood when a slightly warmer tone is required.

Antique Brown:- produces a light honey brown shade for all types of wood.

Cherry:- Ideal for use on mahogany, rosewood or any timber for a rich warm finish.

Jacobean:- for use on very dark antique furniture or any timber producing a dark tone.

Perfect choice for CHALKY PAINT surfaces!!!

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Harrell's Traditional Wax Polish is regarded by restorers as probably the best wax polish for the care and protection of antique and fine furniture because of the way it naturally retains the patina and enhances the beauty of the wood it is applied to.

Available colours: Antique, Colourless, Khaki, Georgian Mahogany, Red Mahogany

Tin size: 225g, 400g & 5Kg

Harrell's Wax Polishes a British made product and used by antique restorers around the world, used extensivly by the National Trust for use on their collection of antique furniture and for the conservation of their historic houses and castles around the UK.

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SIZE: 300ml

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