Fiddes Shellac Sanding Sealer

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Fiddes shellac sanding sealer, Quick and easy to apply provides an excellent natural base for a choice of finishing options such as wax polishes.

Shellac sealer can also be used as a barrier coat, knotting agent, grain filler, sealer coat for use on waterbed wood dyes/stains.

Quick and easy to apply and sand providing a super smooth surface.



Manufactured from pure shellac and industrial alcohol, quick and easy to apply, Fiddes shellac sanding sealer provides an excellent natural base for a choice of finishing options.
A spirit based clear/natural sealer for interior use only, used to seal all types of new or stripped wood (including MDF) before waxing, can also be used to seal old beams without imparting any colour change and to seal in wood dyes to prevent bleeding.
Easy to apply with easy sanding without clogging the sand paper provides the perfect surface with minimum effort.
The application of sanding sealer will seal the surface allowing your final topcoats to lay on the wood much smoother, evenly and with a finer luster.
(Note; Not all advertised sanding sealers are the same.)

Available in 1L, 2.5L and 5L

  • Application: Brush / Rubber.
  • Dry Time: 10 - 20 minutes.
  • Coverage: 8 sqm per litre, depending on substrate and method of application.
  • Coats: Two coats on hardwood, maximum of three on softwood or more porous timber.
  • Thinners: Finishing Spirit / Methylated Spirits.
  • Recommended for use on: Fine Furniture, Doors, Floors, Cabinet Work and Panelling.
  • Seals the wood surface preventing the final top coats from sinking (using less wax)

safety data sheet (Fiddes-Shellac-Polishes-MSDS.pdf, 205 Kb) [Download]

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