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Jenkins Grain Filler is a traditional thixotropic grain filler. Favoured by furniture restorers for ease of use and colour shades available.

Available in 11 wood shades & transparent,

Pack size 400gm & 3Kg


Jenkins Jecofil Grain Filler is an oil based thixotropic grain filler.

Available in 12 different colours and is an easy to use product. Jenkins Jecofil Grain Filler can be over-coated with any finish, including French polishes and lacquers. Always use a slightly darker colour than the shade of the timber, if the timber is to be stained, stain first then apply the grain filler.

Apply the filler with a cloth working into the grain, then wipe the surface clean with a cloth sacking if available or mutton cloth and allow to dry, sand surface down with 320 grit paper before apply the first sealer coat

Colours available: Teak, Transparent, Light Oak, Medium Oak, Dark Oak/Walnut, Antique Brown Mahogany, Mahogany, Brown, Sepele, Black, Yew & White, White is also an excellent liming paste.

Application: Cloth

Drying Time: 4-6 hours

Pack size: :500g and 3Kg

For further information and application methods, health and the environment, see the technical data sheets in the attachment tab above.

Data Sheet (Jecofil_instructions.doc, 61 Kb) [Download]

safety data sheet (EN_JECOFIL_2.pdf, 153 Kb) [Download]

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