Lakeone Exotic Wood Whitener

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Lakeone Wood Whitener allows easy in-depth removal of colour from all red and dark woods. Can be used to turn red wood into pine and oak coloured wood.

It will also remove most wood stains and can be used on new or stripped timber.


Thoroughly wash and clean the timber prior to application.

Shake the contents of the bottle, then pour a quantity into a plastic container.

Apply the whitener evenly over the entire surface using a nylon paint brush. Leave to stand for 9 hours. Wash thoroughly with water prior to handling. If any patches are present repeat the application. When thoroughly dry rub back with abrasive paper.

Product contains strong bleaching agents - wear protective equipment at all times.

Contact with certain metals may result in irritating gas emmisions.

Store away from direct heat. Discard any decanted unused product - do not pour back into original container.

Safety Data Sheet (Wood_Whitener.pdf, 2,350 Kb) [Download]

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