Liberon Floor Cleaner

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Liberon Floor Cleaner is a highly effective cleaner, removes old wax, dirt and grime leaving the surface ready for re-finishing. Also used for cleaning stone, slate and terracotta.

Pack size 1L and 5L


Liberon Floor Cleaner is ideal for lifting old waxes, dirt and grease and grime from wood floors, leaving the surface ready to be re-finished, also ideal for use on all types of stone flooring

Cleans without stripping or damaging the original varnish, lacquered or oiled finish.

Easy to use straight from the can, use with steel wool (00 grade), apply the cleaner to the floor and gently scrub, allow a few minutes for the wax/grime to soften then, "do not allow the cleaner to dry" wipe off with a clean cloth. On heavily waxed surfaces more than one application may be required. Allow the surface to dry completely before refinishing.

Coverage: 6 - 8 m² per Ltr, Drying time: Minimum 2 hours, Tool cleaning: White spirit, Application: Steel Wool - brush.

Pack size 1L

For further information and application methods, health and the environment see the technical data sheets in the attachment tab above..

Data Sheet (DS_Liberon_Floor_Cleaner.pdf, 67 Kb) [Download]

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