Liberon Fontenay Base, 30ml

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Liberon Fontenay Base, a red coloured paste for sealing surfaces and provides an undertone prior to gilding.

Pack size: 30ml


Liberon Fontenay Base is red paste and is ideal for sealing surfaces and providing a good stable working base acts as a key prior to gilding. Fontenay base forms a non porous sea, ensures even colours and helps to warm up gold colours, also ideal for creating a distressed look on a new frames, suitable for use on wood and plaster. Application by brush or cloth allowing 1-2 hours to dry then smooth the surface with 320 grit or higher abrasive paper. Once the base is dry and smooth then apply Liberon Gilt Varnish or Gilt Cream, for interior use only

Pack size: 30ml

For further information and application methods, health and the environment see the technical data sheets in the attachment tab above.

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