Liberon Shellac Filler Sticks

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Used to repair surfaces cracks and holes in finished and unfinished wood prior to french polishing, lacquering or varnishing.

Available in packs of 3 mixed: light, medium, dark colours and a tin of 10 mixed colours.


Shellac Filler Sticks are available in 3 wood shades, Light for light coloured woods such as Pine and Oak, Medium for medium coloured woods such as Mahogany and Dark for dark coloured woods such as Walnut and Rosewood.

Shellac filler sticks are the traditional repair sticks requiring a heating iron to melt the filler stick and run it into the holes and cracks in finished and unfinished wooded furniture. Repairs can then be french polished, lacquered or varnished. Once hardened any surplus can be removed with a scraper or sharp blade then lightly sanded to a smooth finish.

This filler stick is very hard and can only be used with a hot iron or soldering gun.

Pack size: 3 sticks per pack, consisting of 3 different light colours, Medium colours and Dark colours and a tin of 10 mixed colours.

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