Liberon Colour Enhancer Stone Floor Sealer

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Liberon Stone Floor Sealer is an oil based (colour enhancing) sealer that feeds and seals porous stone to protect against water and staining. and enhancing the beautiful colours within the stone.

Pack size 1L and 5L


Liberon Stone Floor Sealer is a colour enhancing multi stone sealer, ideal for sealing and protecting interior terracotta, slate, york stone and many similar types of porous stone flooring, natural and man-made. Made from a base of linseed oil, Liberon Stone Floor Sealer makes the surface resistant to water, drinks and food spillage staining It also helps to reduce dusting and crumbling while enhancing the natural colours of the stone. Apply to a clean dry surface by brush or cloth and allow to penetrate for 10 minutes, remove excess with a lint free cloth and allow to dry. The number of coats required will depend on the porosity of the stone. Once sealed finish with Liberon stone floor wax or for a more durable surface use Liberon stone floor shine.

For a more traditional, soft sheen finish in areas such as dining rooms, apply Stone Floor Wax.

Stone floor wax also provides a slip resistant finish and helps prevent scratching and scuffing.

For areas of high traffic, such as kitchens, where greater durability and protection is required use Stone Floor Shine.

If a natural finish is required use Natural Finish Floor Sealer.

For interior use only, Coverage: 1 L = 10-15 m² per litre per coat

Pack size: 1L and 5L

For further information and application methods, health and the environment see the technical data sheet in the attachment tab above.

Data Sheet (DS_Liberon_Stone_floor_sealer.pdf, 49 Kb) [Download]

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