Mirka Abralon

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Mirka Abralon is a unique multifunctional patented sanding material developed for the flexible sanding of both smooth and profiled surfaces ranging up to 4000 grit.

Abralon's unique construction features a mesh fabric coated with closely sized abrasive particles. This mesh is laminated to foam and a Velcro backing for easy attachment.The open mesh and foam construction is ideally suited for use with different types of lubricants, including water.
Size: 150mm Dia only

Available in a range of grits from P180 to P4000, supplied in boxes of 20 and packs of 5.

Features and benefits-

  • Elimination of cross grain scratches
  • Improved finish
  • Reduction of cut through defects
  • Works especially well when sanding contoured surfaces, corners and sharp edges
  • Foam centre also provides for even surface pressure that helps eliminate finger marks when hand sanding
  • Reduces labour time to obtain desired finish
  • Reduction of total abrasive costs

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