Purdy Monarch Elite Brushes 4"

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The Purdy Monarch Elite brush is the true professional's choice after being researched and tested by over thousands of UK decorators, makes the Purdy Elite range the unrivalled "all rounder" lasting at least five times longer than any natural bristle brush.


Leardership in innovation is the hallmark of Purdy. The Monarch Elite brush is the true professional's choice. This brush is hard to beat for quality. Unique Chinex characteristics allows these filaments to continue to self flag as the brush wears, giving a perfect painting tip throughout its life.

So good are these brushes, each one hand made is signed with a personalised sticker on the ferrule.
You wont buy a better brush.
Purdy's proprietary tipping & flagging process gives the decorator a tool specifically engineered for greater paint life, smooth superior application and fast clean up.
Purdy Elite brushes are hand chiseled for shape & for easier precision cutting in. Tramlines will be dramatically reduced when using the Elite with water borne paint.

Available in 4" size only

  • Lasts at least 5 times longer than any natural bristle brush
  • No bristle loss guaranteed
  • For use with all paints
  • Dramatically reduces tramlines when applying quick drying water-borne paints
  • May be safely kept in a Brush Mate 20 & Brush Mate 4 storage system
  • Quick and easy cleaning

We supply some very good products but to get the very best finish you need to apply them with the best tools available that's why we recommend Purdy Elit every time.

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