Resinmite: Powdered Resin Wood Glue (One Shot)

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  • Resinmite,  A powdered urea formaldehyde resin wood glue for interior & exterior joinery.
  • Ideal for load bearing and laminating structural timbers with exceptional bond strength.
  • Provides good gap filling properties ensuring moisture does not enter joints.
  • Produces a bond stronger than the wood itself.
  • For all exterior and interior joinery, windows, doors, gates, kitchens veneering, laminating, shopfitting etc
  • Easy to use, simply mix with clean water to produce a smooth uniform cream like consistency.
  • Conforms to BS EN 204 D3, BS  EN301, & 302
  • Available in 750g, 3Kg, 6Kg and 25Kg containers

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Resinmite: Powdered Resin Wood Glue (One Shot)

Specifically formulated for exterior joinery exposed to weather. This traditional type adhesive (commonly known as Cascamite) produces a bond stronger than the timber itself. The powder system gives extremely good gap filling properties, ensuring rain does not enter the joint.

Use externally where a high bond strength/gap filling is required.

When mixed with water the chemical composition is altered, forming an irreversible resin enhancing the strength, water and mould resistance. The adhesive dries clear with no staining or discolouration on any timber type.

It is a highly efficient adhesive, ideal for all manufactured and composite timber components including plywood, laminated boarding, particle boarding, MDF, veneering and wooden flooring, hot or cold pressed etc. for all interior & exterior joinery, shopfitting, and boat building.

Conforms to BS 1204: MR (part 1 & 2): 1993 & BS EN 204:1991:03.


For best results, the surface should be clean and dry.
The moisture content of the timber ideally should be less than 12%


Resinmite can be measured by volume or weight.
By volume: 3 parts Resinmite to 1 part water.
By weight: 2 Parts Resinmite to 1 part water.
Mix with water and stir until you achieve a PVA like consistancy.
Apply thinly to surface and clamp or press until set.
Working time is approx. 3 hours at 15°C and 2 hours at 20°C.
Top Tip: Stand the mixing vessle in cold water to extend working time!


Drying time will vary depending on ambient temperature.
Keep joints under pressure or clamped until the glue
has set (approx. 6 hours at 15°C). Drying time will increase
significantly if ambient temperature is below 15°C.


Store in a cool dry place. Ensure that the powder is in a sealed
containter to prevent absorbtion of moisture.
If stored carefully, shelf life is several years, however the absorbtion of
moisture will very repidly reduce this.

MSDS (Resinmite_MSDS.rtf, 69 Kb) [Download]

Technical Data Sheet (Resinmite_Data_Sheet.docx, 16 Kb) [Download]

excellent service all round - will shop again!
In all conditions the bond to timber over long periods still gives maximum strength.
Great Product ***** & Great company to deal with, quick turnaround ++++.
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