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Made from pure shellac dissolved in industrial alcohol. Suitable for French Polishing wood where a more orange or golden tone is required.


Suitable for french polishing wood wherea more orange or golden tone is required.
The wood can be stained first with Rustin's wood dyes prior to finishing with french polish.

of the surface for french polishing is extremely important. Any slight

imperfection which might not be noticeable under other types of finishes

would become apparant under a french polish finish.
True french

polishing can be carried out by any competent amateur after a little

practice and there are several methods of applying french polish, the

simplest way is to apply two or three coats of french polish by brush

to a suitably prepared surface and then finish with a protective coat of

clear wax, not a traditional french polish finish but will produce an

acceptable high quality finish.
When applied correctly will produce a

high gloss finish, a satin or matt finish can be obtained by rubbing

with 0000 or 000 grade steel wool.
A clear coat of wax polish will help

protect the final finish.

For larger quantities of french polish see our range of Fiddes French Polishes

Available in 250ml bottles

Data Sheet (Button_Polish.pdf, 58 Kb) [Download]

Health & Safety Sheet (Button_Polish_eu8n-n6.pdf, 38 Kb) [Download]

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