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Rustin's two part acid catalysed lacquer for use on interior wood, hardboard, cork and plastic laminates. The toughest finish for all furniture and interior woodwork.

A superb product.

Pack size: 1L and 5L


Rustin's two part cold cure acid catalysed lacquer for use on interior wood, hardboard, cork.
A highly durable clear non yellowing finish for all interior furniture and woodwork. Heat, impact, alcohol & solvent resistant, durable with excellent flexibility and abrasion resistance.
Quick drying clear gloss finish, for all furniture, doors, stairs, shelves, musical instruments and many other uses.
Extremely good adhesion to the surface, can be burnished to a mirror like gloss, or rubbed down to a smooth satin finish with wire wool and wax.
Supplied as a two pack kit, hardner and clear coating to be mixed before use,.

Application: by brush or roller.
Requires Rustins Plastic coating thinners to be added to the mix to help with the flow and to clean the equipment after use.
Coverage: 13-15 sq m per litre
(This product gives off a strong pungent vapour whilst curing)
Available: 1L and 5L kits

For floors see Rustins Plastic Floor Coating.

For further information and application methods, health and the environment see the technical data sheet in the attachment tab above.

Data Sheet (Plastic_Coating.pdf, 20 Kb) [Download]

Health & Safety Sheet (Plastic_Coating_sznk-lq.pdf, 37 Kb) [Download]

excellent service great product

This is an excellent indoor product for wood. It's a two-part clear thin compound which is brushed on very easily and quickly . It is touch dry in no time, takes several hours to fully cure and you must not recoat for a day or two or it can wrinkle . It is intended for bare wood; I used it over new Sadolin-coated wood , fully and thoroughly dried and it was fine.You can build up the finish by using two or three coats for a very high piano-like finish, with very light sanding in between coats to remove little nibs. Use a soft brush. When cured, the finish is very hard and is non yellowing. Wood which I coated six years ago is still like new and that's the difference between this stuff and ordinary varnish. You may have to throw your brush away after use, it is difficult to clean off . They give you some brush cleaner in the kit but not much. They also provide a burnishing paste in the kit but I found that I didn't need to polish it to get that deep glossy finish. This is a really good product.
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