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Straw Dip Coat a straw coloured spirit based fungicide wood preservative for the treatment and protection of new timbers. Lightly coloured so treated timbers can be identified as being treated prior to the application of a primer or wood stain.

Available in 5L and 25L

For further information on exterior wood care and treatments, see our guides in the blog tab at the top of this page.

Staw Dipcoat is a spirit based fungicidal treatment preservative for soft wood and hard woods, can be used as a brush or spray applied product but predominantly for use in a dip tank.The formulation uses light fast dyes and will impart excellent colour retention to the timber under UV light exposure. This light yellow coloured preservative gives short term weather protection enabling the timbers to be delivered to site and installed but will require the application of a good quality primer or wood stain within two to three weeks, It is not designed as a stand alone product and should not be left in an exterior environment without further protection from the elements.
Soft woods should never be used externally without a pre treatment of a Dip Coat or Clear Wood Preservative, Contains organborester as the active ingredient and is a very effective preservative against fungal attack.
This is a well used product throughout the joinery and wood component manufacturing industries. It is use extensively in dip tanks and spray applied systems and is also a brush applied product for interior and exterior use.
Straw Dip Coat Preservative is an extremely low aromatic, high flashpoint liquid preservative which enables this product to be labelled as non-flammable.
Coverage; Brush applied 8-12 sq meters per litre per coat on smooth planed timber, rough surfaces will absorb more material and produce a lower coverage per sq meter, minimum 2 coats required, for use in dip tanks 1 x 3 minute immersion will provide sufficient penetration, spay application coverage is between 4-6 sq meters per litre per coat minimum 2 coats required.
Available in 5L and 25l drums.
For further information and application methods, health and the environment see the technical data sheet in the Attachments Tab.

Data Sheet (ifwpiss1.pdf, 785 Kb) [Download]

safety data sheet (woodpreservative.pdf, 200 Kb) [Download]

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