Tuskbond PU Supaset (Formerly Trade Fast Set)

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This product will save you time and money; The Speed of set is approx. is 30mins but this can be accelerated by misting with water.

Tuskbond PU Supaset is a single-component, moisture curing polyurethane adhesive. It has excellent adhesion to most substrates such as steel, aluminum and wood. The adhesive is suitabe for vertical applications and has first-rate resistance to humidity and heat. As the adhesive gets slightly foamy during curing, this gives the adhesive gap filling properties. Tuskbond PU Supaset can be used to bond interior and exterior: wood, concrete, natural stones, tiles, ceramic, steel, aluminum, plastic, ABS, isolating material like PU-foam, PS foam, glass wool and rock wool. It is suitable for gluing sandwiches panels, door frames and aluminum profiles

100% waterproof (including sea water)

Acid and chemical resistant D4 unbreakable strength joinery & construction adhesive having thixotropic properties
Supplied in cartridges for ease of application

The speed of set is approx. 15mins but can be accelerated with misting of water. Suitable for bonding wood, concrete, metals, ridged plastics, polystyrene etc.

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Safety Data Sheet (SA2058_Tuskbond_PU_Supaset_300ml_en.pdf, 276 Kb) [Download]

Data Sheet (SA2058_Tuskbond_PU_Supaset_Cartridge_300ml_TDS.pdf, 208 Kb) [Download]

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