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Repair and Prepare

£10.49 (£12.59 inc VAT)


1Kg Bucket 5Kg Bucket 10Kg Bucket 25Kg Sack
£2.72 (£3.26 inc VAT)
£8.17 (£9.80 inc VAT)
£5.41 (£6.49 inc VAT)


Dark Light
£3.49 (£4.19 inc VAT)

Size / Colour:

Box set of 16 colours Dark Mahogany (07) 50g Dark Oak (10) 50g Dark Walnut (09) 50g Dark Yew (19) 50g (More +13)
£3.89 (£4.67 inc VAT)

Colour / Size:

Kitchen (3 Pack) Kitchen (tin of 10) Mahogany(3 Pack) Mixed (3 Pack) Mixed (tin of 10) (More +3)
£6.55 (£7.86 inc VAT)


250ml 500ml 1L 5L
£7.92 (£9.50 inc VAT)


250ml 500ml 1L
£6.55 (£7.86 inc VAT)
£8.72 (£10.46 inc VAT)
£4.59 (£5.51 inc VAT)

Colour / size:

Antique Pine (Single Pen) Assorted box of 12 Pens Dark Oak (Single Pen) Dark Walnut (Single Pen) Ebony (Single Pen) (More +8)
£6.19 (£7.43 inc VAT)

Preparation is the key to a good finish; therefore it is important that the correct products are used and that sufficient time is spent achieving a good result. The choice of products will depend upon the existing finish of the item you are working on and the final finish you are looking to create.

This section includes products for removing old finishes, such as paint or wax as well as wood bleaches, wood fillers.