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Two types of bleaches are available from AG Woodcare. A & B bleach is a two part bleach, ineffective individually but when mixed together form a very strong oxidising bleach, effective in removing the natural colour of the wood.

Oxalic acid is supplied in a granulated form in various sizes or in liquid form ready for use, again in various sizes. This product is used to remove stains from timber.

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Liberon Wood Bleacher, a ready to use water based bleacher, Ideal for removing dark stains caused by rust, alcohol, damp, ink, ring marks and fruit etc.

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Oxalic Acid wood bleach is used to remove dark stains, water marks and refresh the woods colour. It is particularly effective on oak, and can even be used to remove ink stains. Its uses aren’t limited to wood, it is also an effective rust stain remover from concrete & metal, and because our product is in oxalic acid crystal form, it can be mixed with Water or Methylated Spirits to make an effective wood bleacher very quickly!

  • Remove Black / Dark stains on timber, i.e. Kitchen Worktops / External oak structures / Wooden doors / Wooden floors and much more!
  • Remove Tannin Stains
  • Rust Stain removal
  • Water mark removal
  • 99% + purity grade
  • Available in 1Kg, 5Kg, 10Kg & 25Kg

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Liberon Ring Remover an easy to use liquid for the effective removal of white heat and water ring marks from most hard surfaces.

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Lakeone Wood Whitener allows easy in-depth removal of colour from all red and dark woods. It can be used to turn red wood into pine and oak coloured wood.

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Osmo Wood Reviver is designed to remove the old greyed timber surfaces. Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel is a highly effective cleaning agent for the refreshing and cleaning of all exterior timber. Especially developed for wooden decking. Wood Reviver is easy to apply, even on vertical surfaces as it has a special non-drop formula. The deep penetrating effect of the gel together with a scrubbing action removes the greyed patina, with results showing as quick as 30 minutes!

Apply using a brush to the greyed area only, Wood Reviver is designed to be scrubbed into the greyed surface area with a stiff scrubbing brush, The wood reviver alone will not remove the greyed surface it require the vigorous scrubbing of the surface with the reviver to be effective then leave on the surface for approx 20 minutes before rinsing well with clean water, allow to dry before applying a coat of decking oil.

How effective the clean up will be will depend on a number of factors, the type of timber to be cleaned, the age of the timber, how well the surface is scrubbed with the reviver, very old greyed timber will not look like new timber when cleaned. (You cannot make an old face look young again with face creams)

For general cleaning of exterior wood please use Osmo Decking Cleaner.

Available in 500ml and 2.5L (2.5L with 150mm deck scrubber)

For further information on exterior wood care and treatments, see our guides in the blog tab at the top of this page.

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AG Woodcares Wood Bleacher is a highly effective stain remover for wood floors, water marks as well as used to refresh the colour in wood, working particularly effectively on oak. So if you are researching how to remove dark stains from wood we have the solution for you!

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