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Paint / Varnish Strippers

Products for removing old finisher from wood. Preparation is the key to the final finish, therefore it is important to ensure the correct products are used and that sufficient time is spent achieving a good result. The choice of product will depend upon the existing finish and the final finish you are looking to create. Be it old wax and polish or paint and lacquers to remove we have the right product for your project.

Paint strippers or chemical strippers are solvent based or water based mixtures designed to remove paint and other surface coatings. There has been lots of changes recently with regards to paint stripper containing DICHLOROMETHANE (DCM) and most manufactures in the UK now only produce water based strippers. European guidelines now prohibit the sale of paint strippers containing DCM to the general public. We stock both types of paint stripper and any request to supply DCM based products to the professional tradesman for use in an industrial installation will be required to complete a declaration form before DCM based stripper is shipped out.