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Retouch & Revive

£3.49 (£4.19 inc VAT)

Size / Colour:

Box set of 16 colours Dark Mahogany (07) 50g Dark Oak (10) 50g Dark Walnut (09) 50g Dark Yew (19) 50g (More +13)
£3.89 (£4.67 inc VAT)

Colour / Size:

Kitchen (3 Pack) Kitchen (tin of 10) Mahogany(3 Pack) Mixed (3 Pack) Mixed (tin of 10) (More +3)
£7.92 (£9.50 inc VAT)


250ml 500ml 1L
£6.55 (£7.86 inc VAT)
£8.72 (£10.46 inc VAT)
£4.59 (£5.51 inc VAT)

Colour / size:

Antique Pine (Single Pen) Assorted box of 12 Pens Dark Oak (Single Pen) Dark Walnut (Single Pen) Ebony (Single Pen) (More +8)
£7.06 (£8.47 inc VAT)
£14.77 (£17.72 inc VAT)

To maintain your furniture in good condition will require the occasional wipe over now and again or a small amount of maintenance if any damage has been caused. A tired surface needs a bit of tender loving care and work to a previously finished surface requires the right product, so we have in stock a range of products that are specifically made for the job.